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  1. Pat in Halifax

    Black pennant meaning ...

    Finally, someone got it right!! You know, all you need do is ask someone about it when you are there.
  2. Pat in Halifax

    What is the courses of QL5A for ETECH , MAR ENG OR MARTECH

    If I am not mistaken, you are new to the trade joining initially as an ETech. QL5 (or RQ-LS) will likely be done in phases with some as DL. Courses like the watchkeeping course (old MCCO), HCRFF, IPMS will likely become specialty quals.
  3. Pat in Halifax

    Marine Technician ( MARTECH )

    Been a while...I know Actually, I find there are two groups seeming to be adamantly against it and they are NOT HTechs!!! One rank group of MS and another at the PO1 level. The HTs seem to have accepted it in a form of self resignation. Many of us did not agree on the implementation nor...
  4. Pat in Halifax

    Paid Education [Merged]

    As well NCM STEP is no longer restricted to new entry only...though this is not generally advertised for some reason....? The same rules apply though; benefit of the Service..... I'd recommend once you are in to see the BPSO or in some cases, some Units/Bases/??? have NCM PD Councillors.
  5. Pat in Halifax

    LS Benoit Bilodeau, R.I.P.

    Just found out that that there is a memorial service for Benny next Friday (15 Jan) at 1330 at St Brendan's Chapel at Stad for friends and coworkers. His funeral was at home in Quebec in December but his brother and mom will be at the service next week. Dress for members is 1As. Any further...
  6. Pat in Halifax

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    I don't believe I am going to say this but here goes. IAW CFDS, support to multi national TGs in foreign operations is but one portion. For the remainder, anything much beyond a PRE MLR Halifax class is a bit of overkill. My thoughts recently have been a small force for blue water ops and a...
  7. Pat in Halifax

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    So VERY true......
  8. Pat in Halifax

    Harry DeWolfe Posting?

    I suspect, like our USN counterparts, we will ‘naturally’ shorten the names informally (Vinson, Ford, Churchill, …). I wonder what CCG does for this (anyone out there want to chime in?) On another note, there were 10 Canadian Flower class corvettes named for ‘flowers’. These were to be RN...
  9. Pat in Halifax

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    And yet the institution preaches accountability-I guess only those in uniform are held accountable. I also guess it really is true: All people are created equal, some more equal than others. This is not new either and has been happening since the HALIFAX class first started doing DWPs in...
  10. Pat in Halifax

    LS Benoit Bilodeau, R.I.P.

    RIP Benny. Will try to  the link to the obit up as soon as I get more info... .....well shit.... We were all hoping there was an explanation...
  11. Pat in Halifax

    Postings and IR

    Having worked closely with CMs for many years, I recommend you be VERY open during your upcoming interview. There are always possibilities but a move of you and your new family is probably the only option in this instance. Again, plead your case, there are always provisions for the unusual...and...
  12. Pat in Halifax

    USS Milwaukee broken

    I just hope it wasn't bad fuel/oil/parts....she got during her recent port visit here....?
  13. Pat in Halifax

    Sailor who doubled in size wins disability benefits

    Or he is a masterful and articulate writer on the claim!
  14. Pat in Halifax

    Sailor who doubled in size wins disability benefits

    Actually I recall doing sit ups etc on work out mats on board NIPIGON after they removed the mortar-Mortar Well Gym and that would have been 85-86. Then posted to GATINEAU and we had stationary bikes and mats throughout the ship. Nowadays though, I think it is an individual responsibility and if...
  15. Pat in Halifax

    Sailor who doubled in size wins disability benefits

    Nor I, but blame it all on the Navy?
  16. Pat in Halifax

    Sailor who doubled in size wins disability benefits

    NUTS! That's all I can think to say at this moment....
  17. Pat in Halifax

    Remembrance Day

    I didn't hear of any posers in this year's round  ceremonies...a good thing...
  18. Pat in Halifax

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    I am not purporting to be any kind of expert here whatsoever but sometimes a little dose of reality and unbiased input helps. When working the Navy's CSC project a few years ago, a group of us (from all 3 environments and none of us were officers) got together right after the F35 hammer came...
  19. Pat in Halifax


    Or for CPO1s being called Cox'n. Truth is 'most' CPO1s either are or were (or will be?) a Cox'n. The only one I used to correct was when I was in Ottawa and called 'Sir' and even saluted on occasion....Sometimes by officers. ...By far my favourite nickname while there was "Shuttle Dress Nazi...
  20. Pat in Halifax

    The Sinking of the Canadian Navy - Macleans

    Why pay a 'recently retired CAF member' when a 'billet' exists for a uniformed person to teach (even if the billet is never full). It is indeed a snowball effect and no one wants to say "No Sir, (or Mr Minister), we CANNOT do that at this time." Oh and the Navy DOES employ civilian instructors...