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    medical exam and forms

    Thank you for your answer, and sorry for the late response. I did get a reply back from the RMO letting me know that I do not currently meet the Common Enrollment Medical Standards due to the following: 1. Recurrent renal colic – has been less then 5 years since last episode, the Family Doctor...
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    medical exam and forms

    Hello, two questions (sorry): not sure if my issue happened to anyone else here, but I completed my medical exam and sat with the med tech who did the physical and asked me some questions about the form I filled out. The only main issue I had was related to my kidneys (kidney stones) in 2013 and...
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    Applicant status closed

    Hi there, I don't know if this is becoming more common or if this might be some sort of glitch in the website; I was in contact with the recruiting staff last month when they asked me to send them digital copies of my educational background (which I did) and provided me with a list of trades I'm...