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  1. Snaketnk

    Congrats 3RCR

    Has anyone found video of the full ceremony?
  2. Snaketnk

    Improved Combat Uniform

    I think it'd be really cool if they decided to switch out one of the flags with a unit patch... God forbid you instil a little pride in your units.
  3. Snaketnk

    Preparing for army life

    It's true, be prepared to be treated like a child and be more supervised than one. Start letting things slide off your shoulders and build up your "bullshit tolerance". Learn to not complain about things no matter what they are. Or play hockey  ;D
  4. Snaketnk

    Men have Movember, now women have Decembeaver

    If not shaving your nethers brings awareness to anything to any significant number of people... it'll probably only make you aware of your own promiscuity. I doubt I'm gonna see a flood of decembeaver progress pictures on my facebook. I almost think it's a joke. Pretty sure the video is, but...
  5. Snaketnk

    Current Trends in CF Releases

    From the RegF infantry side, I've seen the majority of the people I came through with leave in the last two years or so; their tour was done, and they feel like they're wasting their life sitting around Bn lines waiting for courses that never seem to come. A lot of them just want to get out of...
  6. Snaketnk

    This is why I am too good for grammar (a split thread)

    If we're going to be grammar nazis...
  7. Snaketnk

    CF Army Combat Top is too long..

    The fact of the matter is we spend 99% of our time in combats in garrison, or in the public eye. Having a good fitting set of combats in fairly good condition is something every soldier should strive to do. It's also our garrison dress... unless you think we should reserve our combats for field...
  8. Snaketnk

    Replacement of Browning HP, Sig Sauer 225 begins

    In that case I'd totally agree with you. I kept my pistol on my rig, and we switched a lot between "extended dismounted ops (10+ hours)" and mounted ops; I wasn't about to start rearranging my rig from day to day; and it really didn't seem to add a lot compared to the other ammo I was carrying.
  9. Snaketnk

    Replacement of Browning HP, Sig Sauer 225 begins

    Never fired the round, but I was happy to have my pistol . There were times I wanted to instill my will on others in places that my rifle or crew served weapons couldn't get. Also, in Afghanistan, taking out a pistol is the universal "we mean business" symbol and will usually resolve things...
  10. Snaketnk

    CFB Shilo soldier charged with beastality

    Not really surprising; probably ran out of things to do. People will resort to weird things when their boredom threshold is reached.
  11. Snaketnk

    The C7 Assault Rifle, M16, & AR15 family (C7A1, C7A2, C7 replacment, and C7 vs M16)

    Or the pistol grip falling off, with one of the most classic looks you can ever see on someone's face.
  12. Snaketnk

    The C7 Assault Rifle, M16, & AR15 family (C7A1, C7A2, C7 replacment, and C7 vs M16)

    If you're doing Urban Ops shoots and doing mag dumps, you'll quickly see a couple of cook offs. That's why we leave our bolts to the rear between shoots.
  13. Snaketnk

    WO John Alexander "Alex" Hogan 1965-2012

    Pro Patria; he's an excellent leader, I'll be saying my goodbye tomorrow at the service.
  14. Snaketnk

    Improved Combat Uniform

    I've seen a couple guys with the new combats at the infantry school; you actually have to look closely to see the differences (except for the shoulders), and they have the white stitching on name-tags etc.
  15. Snaketnk

    Selling of issued boots, illegal?

    I asked because I cam across this the other day, contacted the seller as to where we able to obtain the pictured green boulet boots. They appear to be the ones that were trialed a couple years ago (they apear to be suede and not have the nylon sides like the new ones (correct me if I'm wrong, I...
  16. Snaketnk

    Face paint for soldiers protects against bomb blasts

    It's just a conspiracy to make us cam up more often, duh.
  17. Snaketnk


    I remember those days, we call them wednesdays.
  18. Snaketnk

    from german army band to canadian forces band

    I'm pretty sure I was at that wedding, haha. Another option to consider is one of the plethora of Reserve bands; they're a lot more inclusive than the regular force musician trade, and many of them of them do a lot of musical work, and keep busy. If they're looking to stay on the east coast...
  19. Snaketnk

    CFB Borden gets first female commander

    Wait, are you supposed to be joking?  ;D
  20. Snaketnk

    Camel Bak on BMQ 13K march ?

    It's only 13k. Hydrate before and after and you should be fine. 2 hours without water won't kill you.