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  1. jeffb

    Advice on choosing an officer trade

    Do what makes sense to you but I know three law school grads who are artillery officers. Posting options for artillery are basically the same as armour. As an artillery officer you will likely start on a gunline leading soldiers who are shooting howitzers. After that, you will likely move on to...
  2. jeffb

    New air mattress

    I have always found that a mix of the issued air mattress with a foam pad is good to go. It is key to put both inside the bivy bag though so they don't launch off into space in the night. If on a cot, the foam mattress with a fitted sheet over it to keep it in place is money as well.
  3. jeffb


    ATOC runs all the time. If you are Reg Force, it is Career Manager loaded based off of CoC recommendations/ priority.
  4. jeffb

    Resigning commission to change nationality?

    A little off topic but there are multiple cases of people applying to foreign militaries and having their experience recognized. The ones that I am familiar with are all Commonwealth. There are a relatively large number of former Canadian officers serving in Australia for example.
  5. jeffb

    Injuries During BMQ

    This is spot on. Your trade course will be much more punishing on you than basic. I`d suggest you speak with a doctor with a specialty in sports medicine and see if there is anything you can do to improve your knee. Before I joined I was having some IT Band issues around my knee probably based...
  6. jeffb

    Article: Unwanted sexualized behaviour at RMC

    Having them work at an Army PRes unit may not be the worst thing anyways. I`m sure they can help relieve some of the admin burden and getting some experience with an Army unit would not be the worst thing a young, dashing RCAF officer could do.
  7. jeffb

    Article: Unwanted sexualized behaviour at RMC

    We don't send NCMs to "finishing school" and expect them to uphold high standards as well. Good luck bringing up at a summary trial that the Pte in question is only 19 and should be given a pass on this one. We should expect more from our young leaders. The vast majority of officers are DEO...
  8. jeffb

    Reserve Arty/Infantry officer trades training

    Check out this thread and then join as an Artillery Officer. https://army.ca/forums/threads/1565.0.html
  9. jeffb

    Individual Learning Plans (ILP) [Merged]

    What is SWS? Can you talk me on to the DWAN link or PM me a link?
  10. jeffb

    North Korea (Superthread)

    Will aside, reunification would be a disaster for the ROK. Significant foreign aid is pushed to the ROK to contain the DRPK that would likely evaporate on reunification. The ROK would need to take on the burden of 25 million people who will require significant investment to integrate into the...
  11. jeffb

    Army Reserve Restructuring

    This is not dissimilar to the "Minuteman" program several states use with their National Guard. I worked with a Lt from the Florida National Guard who had his full university paid for. His return was 7 years in the National Guard with with one period of active service on 270 day orders. Seems...
  12. jeffb

    Re-establishing a Canadian Armoured Brigade in Europe

    We could always start with an armoured brigade in Canada?  :dunno:
  13. jeffb

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    4GS are not the only ones in the UAV game. Each Regiment has a STA Bty with a UAV Tp within it. The 4GS SUAVs are substantially more capable than the Raven-B MUAS employed at the CS Regts but they are still very capable of conducting fire missions. The time to spool up a mission is no slower...
  14. jeffb

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    But have we stopped to consider re-purposed 8" naval guns for the PRes? Maybe bring back coastal defence?
  15. jeffb

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    This thread has gone from C3 howitzer replacement all the way to nuclear 8" howitzers...
  16. jeffb

    VR vs 3B (Being told because I have an awarded claim from a SDA I can just VR)

    In addition to the above, I will add that the system is largely designed to give people the time they need to transition rather then getting them out the door on a quick 3B. Most people that I have dealt with over the years are looking to stay in as long as possible. If you want to get out as...
  17. jeffb

    President Trump Discussions- merged thread

    Except that the bunker is likely a Level III facility. Likely no wifi there for security reasons.
  18. jeffb

    Kudos to the Moderators

    I will second that! Thanks Mike and the moderator team.
  19. jeffb

    Canadian Armed Forces in video games (or the lack thereof)

    I've been eyeing her with the T7 ranked battles going on... Every time that I have seen someone use her, they have done quite well. I tend to enjoy torpedo DDs over gun DDs though so I'm on the fence with the Haida.
  20. jeffb

    Navy removes USS Theodore Roosevelt captain

    Has a reinstatement of a relieved Capt ever happened before? Especially to the same ship?