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  1. Andyd513

    Ex Vigilant Guardian

    I was with TF 31-06 .. we put the request up to be inserted by helo but the best that we could get was a famil flight, which worked out well as almost the entire detachment was able to go. Was a good ex next year I just hope theres more opportunity for me to get involved.
  2. Andyd513

    Ex Vigilant Guardian

    My first griphon experience on VG06. Famil flight was awesome... hope next year the scope of the exercise allows for more signals involvement. Got to go out on RRB which is always fun. probably be back next year unless i get a really late ql5's.
  3. Andyd513

    Cpl. Anthony Joseph Boneca - LSSR - 09 July 2006

    Well, I wrote CTV about their coverage and they did actually reply. It went into my junk mail filter so I only noticed it today. Although I don't feel comfortable posting the entire exchange I basically commented that I couldn't believe they dedicated 3/4 of an article to relatives of his...
  4. Andyd513

    Comm Reservists in Afghanistan

    Thanks for the replies, if you want MODs you can delete or lock this noone has really come up with the info I would like. Will discuss with my unit ops when I get an opportunity to talk to them. Again thank you for the replies, a mbr of my unit will be returning later this month and I am sure I...
  5. Andyd513

    Idiotic responses to the idiot who shot 2 Mounties

    The idea of saving police officers lives is a noble one however there hasn't been one logical idea presented in this thread as to how we could have saved these officers lives. I don't think any one of us here is qualified to say what change in policy could have saved these officers lives as we...
  6. Andyd513

    Sig Op Bonus?

    Thanks kincanucks! Much appreciated, as always.
  7. Andyd513

    Sig Op Bonus?

    out of curiosity what is the signing bonus currently at for ql5a qual sigops? Already somewhat planning to CT in approx one year when I'm done my college program but this has my interest piqued!
  8. Andyd513

    What to do untill next year

    Depending on where you are applying you may be able to get on weekend BMQ in the fall. I know my unit is at least trying to accomplish this with our brigade. I definitely say depends on the unit - until this year mine would only send new recruits to the comm res school in Shilo.
  9. Andyd513

    Comm Reservists in Afghanistan

    I was curious if there were any comm reservists on the board who have been to Afghanistan. Mainly I'm interseted in getting a few questions answerred - most of my unit has left for summer training and I'm stuck here with a civi job until Sept so my avenues of finding information are somewhat...
  10. Andyd513

    Comm Res and Civilian life

    If doing local training its going to be 0800-1600 on weekends, if on ex as a sig op you could work any hour shifts as a CP must be manned 24 hours a day. like George said the weeknights are usually about 1900 to between 2200 and 2300 depending on taskings and debriefs. (usually not later then...
  11. Andyd513

    Comm Res and Civilian life

    Hey Essol, At my unit I get one, sometimes two weeknights a week as well as anywhere from 1-4 weekends a month. There was one month I worked every weekend, however in May I only had one weekend of training. I am currently a full time worker and also take part-time classes on Wednesday nights...
  12. Andyd513

    Ex Vigilant Guardian

    No 5's for me, I have a co-op in the Mississauga area so I'm having a civilian summer. Trying to get at least a week off to do vigiliant guardian, but thats at the mercy of my co-op employer! I'm hoping my unit will give me a full summer of employment next summer with the first plq serial and...
  13. Andyd513

    Ex Vigilant Guardian

    We've met and talked before Des, I was 0502. I remember distinctly running into you and another sig and one of you was wearing a ridiculous cowboy hat on princess st. I remember ya being on advanced party as well, i was with the svc bn (MMM flying kitchen). edit: What am I thinking we were...
  14. Andyd513

    Ex Vigilant Guardian

    Not sure if any of the other planners read this, but if possible lets try to make the end ex return of vehicles a little less complicated or at least disseminate what is needed at each checkpoint down to the junior leaders. As a private last year I was stuck in an LS between the mechanic...
  15. Andyd513

    The Life of a Sig Op

    spinnergy  :threat: i never thought your legs could burn like that  ;)
  16. Andyd513

    what can I expect for my medical?

    Rocker, I required a note before my enrollment as well. It delayed my enlistment by about 3 months due to the fact that I was taking medication. The second I was off said medication and actually got the note saying 'hes perfectly healthy' my application was complete and I was sworn in in about 3...
  17. Andyd513


    I am almost positive you can search this info on the site but from my experience: In general a reserve unit will not take on a (only) bmq qualified private for full time work. A reserve unit keeps enough full time staff on hand to prepare training for the rest of the unit every week and plan...
  18. Andyd513

    Lt. Turner, Cpl. Dinning, Bdr. Mansell, and Cpl. Payne Killed- April/ 21/ 2006

    Just heard it on CTV getting ready to go to the USA thismorning. No news articles on CTV.ca or cbc.ca yet, just heard 4 killed 75 kms outside of Kandahar in a G-Wagon, struck by an IED. They did mention 3 names, didn't catch them. Must be hitting the news-wire websites shortly. RIP soldiers ...
  19. Andyd513

    BMQ & SQ in the summer

    Don't cancel your college plans. Your first summer will be spent doing bmq/sq in Shilo. The likelihood of you getting on your QL3 trades training before the following summer is slim to none.
  20. Andyd513

    What's in store? Reservist life between enrollment & BMQ in your Unit.

    If your unit is anything like mine there are some things you can do. During the year we offer untrained PTEs the opportunity to parade with us 1 night a week, you will not be permitted to go on any weekend exercises with weapons until you complete your bmq at a minimum. But I believe you'll be...