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    WWII Photograph, England, Help Identifying

    Good Afternoon, Hoping for some help from those more knowledgeable in Canadian Military History in learning more about a particular photograph. I suspect there is a chance that the subject is my grandfather, and am trying to get a more definitive indication of whether that is likely the case...
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    Signal Operator DP1/training flexibility

    Thank you very much @Brasidas, this level of insight is extraordinarily helpful in thinking about how I can bring this to my employer and to my chain of command. Your suggestion of bringing an alternate 2-month slot to the table is appreciated; I have some family factors that make the...
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    Signal Operator DP1/training flexibility

    Hello everyone, thank you for such a fantastic forum with so much helpful information. I've spent a great deal of time trying to answer some of my questions by reading existing threads, but feel there are a few gaps, so please forgive me for the elements of this that do overlap. New recruit for...