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    "The Last Ship" tv series depicts USN AEGIS destroyer fighting global pandemic

    I was kind of surprised when green broke up the fight wolf was in with the Chinese Security guy in the streets, with a gun, and didn't kill him.
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    The brick wall of health

    Thank you for the kind words. I can't say I've given up completely; I'll be seeing my specialists in the next couple of months to look into my issue with the goal to establish a long term outlook/solution and maybe surgical intervention if required/possible. There are some outcomes where I can...
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    The brick wall of health

    I haven't been around much in the past few months, I was really busy with the kids, work and such while waiting on the results of my medical. Why am I writing about this? To let you know how important your health is to your entry into the military. I scored near perfect on the exams, interview...
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    "The Last Ship" tv series depicts USN AEGIS destroyer fighting global pandemic

    Somehow I got hooked to this show as well, and I'm glad I know nothing about ships and helicopters. Makes it that much more enjoyable. I loved the fight scene on the medical ship where the new guy (the new zealand guy) did some hand to hand and then put holes in all of them.
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Word association (just for fun)

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    It's Not Over Yet

    Ah the medical, many people's brick wall. Wish you luck this time around. You can ace everything else all you want, if you don't meet their medical standards, well, you gave it your best. That's how I see it.
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    New Chinese phone app allows you to instantly hire thugs to BEAT people

    Doesn't that make it easier for the cops to catch thugs?
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    Question from a potential recruit

    This can't be a serious post. Unless my browser has a cached page from early last century.
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    Germanwings Pilot Was Locked Out of Cockpit Before Crash in France

    I heard in Canada it will be two. In either case, will that mean more flight crew on the plane or just that those present will have to pretty much  make sure there is always at least 2 of them in the cockpit?
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    Pan-Islamic merged mega thread

    Wow, you gotta love religion, eh? Those were some rather informative articles. Thanks for linking to them.
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    Guide to fitness, bodybuilding and weightloss.

    I responded mostly because of what is highlighted in red. This sounds like you're telling someone what to do. 30 seconds of rest is ok for very specific exercise reps, like high repetitions, lighter weight. Bulking, or what we know as 8-12 reps, the lactic acid build up will only barely have...
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    Guide to fitness, bodybuilding and weightloss.

    Your muscles do not need to be burning when you work out, this is misinformation. Bulking up is about volume. Total weight lifted, but you suggest too many of the same body part in each workout. For most people, it is unnecessary. Even advanced training, unless you're blasting the muscle from...
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    Liam Elder, Sailor Extraordinaire

    Eyes are welling up... What a struggle. Shining example of battling on, never surrender. Good on the crew of the HMCS Calgary for making this happen.
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    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    Digital watches usually come with ruber-ish parts that can take a beating better (less brittle than metallic parts). I have had to change parts on a titanium watch that I've owned for years, several times - smashing it on weight plates at the gym, dropped on the floor etc.. whereas my g-shock...
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    Multiculturalism or Melting Pot Discussion- Merged

    Lucien Bouchard was quite charismatic. I think he is the one I was most afraid of.
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    feeling nostalgic now... Warrant, Heaven.
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    Previous drug use question 2002 - 2018 [Merged]

    You are allowed, at any time, to go through your medical records. You can request a copy from your doc. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/want-your-medical-records-be-prepared-to-pay-a-lot/article9755471/ Btw, it doesn't always cost a lot, but I've always been...