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    ACISS Recruits - Where are you?

    Hi, All! Hey Mr Brad. In reply to your messages, I didn't yet reach the point to chose a branch. Due to my situation, outside Canada, I am still at the references. I got two references not qualified then I have to keep harassing my pals. For me too, the Corona made a lot of mess, everything is...
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Wow! They aren't asking medical test to front line soldiers?
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    COVID slowing application

    Thanks for the info, mate! Since they are allowing us to know about the break, then I am positive to it. I understand it is not easy for them.
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    COVID slowing application

    Same case as the mine one. I've wrote last month, and this week again, and no replies at all. Thanks for your feedbacks, mates!
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    BMOQ 2020 - Regular Force

    At the same subject, I would like to ask: Did it happen to everyone to have their email communications with the CFRC stopped? I mean, they are forced to not responding for this while, right?
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    References Superthread [Merged]

    Thanks a lot, big fellow! Your suggestion makes it much more clear for me.  :cdnsalute:
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    TKMS, Embraer, Atech awarded contract to build Brazilian Tamandaré frigates

    YESSSSSS! Shall come from the ancient Capital of the Country [1]. :salute: [1] (...) Later, in 1763, it became the capital of the State of Brazil, a state of the Portuguese Empire. In 1808, when the Portuguese Royal Court transferred itself from Portugal to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro became the...
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    Chez Ashton

    Ashton used to give discounts based on the weather, at my time in Quebec city: -10 Celsius degress, ment 10% of discount; -20 degrees, -20%; and so on. Also, there is the Stratos Pizzeria that one can Google for the address. They offer a "italian poutine" full of fries and meat sauce. Satisfies...
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    Geezus, guys! I am 49, it will be the 3rd time I will do military stuff, I am doing swiming and jogging, and I fell I am great. Don't freak out, guys! mjmtaylor, I didn't understood the point about the pension. Can you point me out on some more tips about that?
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    Seeking Ideas for "Scenarios of Problems" - Teaching M203.06

    Solving problems in which area? In personnal ennoying cadets doing bullying based on different cultures? Or when having trouble to light a broken gas-lamp in a cold and winter night, when having a whole section depending on your success? Or trouble when passing the swimning test on the BMQ...
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    2017 T4 and Tax Deductions

    Hi, mates! I would like to take this topic back in order to avoid to create a new one. My question is: Does someone know if the Canadian Income Tax offers some subvention/deduction to those going to move to a remote city with wife and kid?
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    Enrolement dans l'armé de l'air

    Si ça intérèsse à quelqu'un, j'ai trouvé un test online gratuit: https://www.color-blindness.com/color-arrangement-test/ J'ai eu "According to this test result you are not colorblind" comme résultat. C'est cool! Correction: On peut y trouver le test Ishikara aussi...
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    Hi, mates! Hehehe... I may not agree to the topic title, since many lives will depend on the leader decisions. But to keep feeding the comic content, I've read in the past from Dilbert [1] that the leader will become those ones that produce less. Have fun! "... companies tend to systematically...
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    References Superthread [Merged]

    Hi, mates! I am in a similar situation: I am in my actual job for already 5 years. Then I had a lot of trouble to find supervisors from former jobs, since the period I have been in touch with them in the last 5 years, have not been continuous. Since I enrolled to swim lessons, in order to pass...
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    Question about my IT certfications

    Hi, mates! May I ask what do these means? - CST - IST - PTE - And why PuckChaser have not been allowed to IST yet (since this guy seems to be a veteran with enough IT experiences)?
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    For decades, the CIA read the encrypted communications of allies and adversaries

    !EMOSEWA !swen gnizama na tahW (let's see if the CIA can read my text, from the end to the begin, without the unencryption key)  :rofl:
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    A legend has passed; Kirk Douglas dead at 103.

    I'm Spartacus! Rest in peace, Kirk! Very nice job done for us! :cdnsalute:
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    ACISS Recruits - Where are you?

    Hi, all! Nice to meet you all! I am not in the field yet. I am also a candidate proceeding with my application. What I have to share was given to me by email, from the recruitment agent dealing to me. But let's keep in mind that the official best source of such explanations will be the...
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    Advice on Career Options

    I presume one is supposed to be sat in a chair among high staff people, and the other supposed to be roaming in the field with dirty hands from the sand and dust. But I don't have any XP from any of them to provide.
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    CF Interview Preparation Guide

    Many thnx from me, too! Mates, let's don't forget to rate the post. We may click on the link "Rate Post MP" just beside the post, and award like 25 points! Let's reward awesome posts!  :D