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  1. Disenchantedsailor

    Do reserve units allow rental of mess / drill hall for private events?

    Being on OIC Armoury myself the drill is pretty simple (albeit costly) The non-NPF areas can be rented out by the hour or by the day Vimy Ridge Armoury in Lethbridge for example is 1750 per day. Add to that liability insurance, booze licence, and duty nco/officer it gets pricey. Depending on the...
  2. Disenchantedsailor

    CF 100 : Leave Pass [Merged]

    Jeff Have to agree with you there buddy.  The "paperless community" concept is a direct cause of officers inability (I can say this cuz I are one) to issue orders with a map model and FMP, my god if powerpoint is down we can't issue orders (rant over)
  3. Disenchantedsailor

    T4`s or equivalent

    I highly recommend you re-visit the rules.  They have until midnight to postmark T4's, not deliver them. 
  4. Disenchantedsailor

    Uniform when abroad

    Ok from the perspective of one of those folks who approves this kind of thing. Is it possible YES. As this is not a leave type situation (I am assuming the original poster is Reservist on Class A service) there is not requirement to ask for leave. If however it is an appropriate military...
  5. Disenchantedsailor

    Return of MATS TECH trade to the reserves?

    Thread Hijack - Lets give factual information here.  41 Svc Bn is not taking over ASU Calgary.  ASU Calgary is closing, 41 Svc Bn is taking over some (not even close to all) institutional support roles but most of the support ASU Calgary provided will come out of ASB Edmonton.
  6. Disenchantedsailor

    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    I'm a CEOTP (Prev Non-Commissioned Service) heres the story. While the administration is a pain in the rear. Let me dispel some myths.  Your effective date of commissioning is the day you ceased to be an NCM (you may wear the OCdt slip-ons until you pass BMOQ2) but you will be paid in the the...
  7. Disenchantedsailor

    Occupational and Component Transfers (OT/CT/VOT) During and After BMQ (Merged)

    Well, you're in now and frankly an OT to infantry won't happen quickly (seeing as they are way overborne) sooooo. 2 Options really. quit now, or embrace your choice, keep your nose clean, excel in everything you do and ask for the OP stream as soon and as often as you can.  Being in a dismounted...
  8. Disenchantedsailor

    Former Soldier's Dreams Crushed by Shooting Accusations - Article

    I'll weigh in a little here as there seems to be a rather large misconception that a mbr must turn in all their kit in order to be release.  This is simply put BS.  There is a section in each AJAG Region called claims for and against the crown. If a soldier doesn't turn in their kit the release...
  9. Disenchantedsailor

    This guy at work....

    As part of the medical release process this happens. so while I wouldn't be inclined to buy his other story he could in fact be a mbr of the reg force on Vocational Rehab, this dude did it. http://news.gc.ca/web/article-eng.do?m=/index&nid=516419#cn-cont food for thought
  10. Disenchantedsailor

    A New Ceremonial Practice?

    Try the Manual of Ceremony for HMC Ships, Submarines, and Naval Reserve Decisions. This in conjunction with the Heritage Structure for the CF are the sole authority for the display of flags.
  11. Disenchantedsailor

    Benefits Cut...

    Folks after just having time to read this particular thread let's put some perspective on this. The department has to slash 1.9 Billion dollars, in a short amount of time. So IR (a personal choice) doesnt look like a gravy train any more maybe just maybe it'll dissuade some folks from going on...
  12. Disenchantedsailor


    It happens at at least 3 bases that I can think of (generally by commissionaires now) Esquimalt and Halifax had rifleman at the gates and Winnipeg still checks ID at the gate
  13. Disenchantedsailor

    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    Pusser frankly theres no need to prove it.  The CF has adopted the NFPA standards for SCBA's (the new breathing kit) Firefighters used to have beards to and draw their breathing air from a little pocket around the nozzle caused by the pressure of water.  Guess what firefighters don't do it...
  14. Disenchantedsailor

    The Shaving Superthread- All You Want and More....

    Opppps there is a Bra allowance
  15. Disenchantedsailor

    CELE to do CAP this year?

    So what happens when as all things in the Signals Corps the two trades amalgamate. It happened on the army side in the 90's with the RTOP and RADOP trades (ok so RADOP swallowed the RTOPS) and again with the RCAF TELOPS and the RADOPS to become sigops ... Long story short situations change now...
  16. Disenchantedsailor

    Leave Policy – Christmas / Holidays [Merged]

    Vern I almost always agree with you but this time you are wrong.  In fact being on the cusp of becoming one of those in the WO group that think they are they only person in the army that can do your job.  Fact is none of us are "that guy"  thats what 2IC's are for,  thats why CO's delegate...
  17. Disenchantedsailor

    CEOTP (Continuing Ed Officer Trg Plan) 2003-2018 [Merged]

    No, they created new pay categories (he would fall into 2Lt Pay Cat D IPC (the next one higher than his current NCM pay usually differs by dollars) this would continue until promoted Capt.  That said To accept a promotion to Sgt within 16 Days of effective date of commission would be unethical...
  18. Disenchantedsailor

    Leave Policy – Christmas / Holidays [Merged]

    Shouldn't the QR&O state specifically that you cannot be both on duty and leave at the same time (this has been clarified but multiple JAG,s and presiding officers at summary trials)