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    Being an RCMP Auxiliary Constable while in CAF (merged)

    I just got a few questions as to how to become an Auxiliary RCMP member. 1. Age requirement. 2. Education level. 3. Physical and Medical Standard. 4. Application process - (length of time and documentation required). 5. Type of training they go through also when and where they usually take...
  2. SLC

    Online Courses?

    There are no specific WebCT that's been put out by DCdt. as of now but if you really want to learn more and advance yourself in the program, there are enough resources online (prime example the Vitural HQ on the Pacific Region Web Site) along with online forums with army.ca or cadet-world.com to...
  3. SLC

    Extra things to bring (but aren't on the list) to camp

    Echo got the bult cutter award this summer.  Bravo was no where close to getting that this year.
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    The passing of OCdt. Daniel C.S. Bickford - 2289 RCACC

    On the 20th of September, my good friend OCdt. Daniel Bickford passed away.  Previously a cadet with 828 RCACs, he was a Civilian Instructor with 263 RCSCC Victoria and 2289 RCACC Victoria before enrolling as a CIC Officer with 2289 RCACC.  Dan worked at Vernon during the summers of 2005 and...
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    I think waht she meant was the company's grad parade ;)
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    NSCE practice exam?

    The RCSU(Pac) have an excellent practice exam.  Hope it helps ;) http://www.cadets.net/pac/armcad/trg/nsc_e.asp Practice Written Exam http://www.cadets.net/pac/armcad/pdf/NSCE%20Practice%20%20Exam.pdf
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    and for two consecutive year, my cadets are the proud recipients of the ANAVET medal ;D CLI Military Band - Cadet Kylan McAskile of 2979 RC(Army)CC, High Level, Alberta VACSTC 2004 CLI Drill & Ceremonial - Cadet Roberta Busch of 2294 RC(Army)CC, Thunder Bay, Ontario VACSTC 2005
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    It's a bit late to post this but a BIG Congratulation to Cadet Peter Xing from 2472 (15th Fld. RCA) RCACC, Vancouver, BC as the winner of the ANAVET medal for CLI - Adventure at WHACSTC this year.  Job well done ;)
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    and the best part is... I got in ON TAPE :rofl:
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    Wow it's been awhile since I last posted.   D&C was an awsome experience and I was glad to be part of the FAMILY ;) If anyone ask what's the most amazing thing that ever happen to me I would have to say this summer. It was the most challenging, unforgiving and unforgettable one ever. CI Yeung...
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    Artillery Cadet Units

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    Congratulation to Cadet Roberta Busch (Buschgirl427) from Thunder Bay, ON as the winner of the ANAVET medal for D&C at VACSTC this year.  Ms. Busch was a member of 31 Platoon Guard Company.  Job well done!!! CI Janice Yeung  8) A/Pl. Comd. 31 & 32 Pl. Guard Coy VACSTC 05'
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    Looks like Buschgirl427 is in my Platoon for CLI D&C ;) A/Pl. Comd. 31 Pl.
  14. SLC

    Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre

    Were you ever a staff, cadet or civilian that attended VACSTC :warstory: ? VACSTC Band Coy Percussion Instructor 2002 & 2004 :cdn: