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  1. JRBond

    2023 Voluntary Occupational Transfer (VOT)

    Anyone hear anything yet? Crickets on my end.
  2. JRBond

    2023 Voluntary Occupational Transfer (VOT)

    Hello folks- seeing as the application deadline for the 23/24 VOT programs has past I thought we could get a thread going for anyone in the process. Myself, I’ve applied under OVOTP to transfer from Nursing to Logistics.
  3. JRBond

    For Sale Army Health Services Officer Messkit- $600

    I have army mess kit for sale, Medical Branch pattern and insignias. Doeskin, Captain ranks. Jacket, waistcoat and trousers included. Purchased in 2015 from Andrei Master Tailors. Jacket size~ 46, trouser size 36x30 Located in Halifax, willing to ship as needed.
  4. JRBond


    Has anyone heard anything yet WRT an OT via M Plans (ie Med/Pharm/Legal/etc)?
  5. JRBond

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    There was no note initially, but was inputted today. Also found out today that this came from a mistake back when I CT'd to the RegF. This has triggered a pay review all the way back to enrolment, I'm told.
  6. JRBond

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    Nope not promoted and not a spec pay trade. The OR seemed pretty confused by it.
  7. JRBond

    Pay: Statements, Backpay, Benefits, Deductions (Taxes, T4), Deployed ect... [MERGED]

    Bit of a necropost. I received my Pay Statement for the end of the month and it showed a "Reclassification" retroactive to mid-December 2016 (i.e. when I reached OFP for my trade). Turns out when my qualification level was updated it reset my incentive level to 0. I spoke with the OR who put...
  8. JRBond

    "Canadian Armed Forces creates new officer occupation for Physician Assistants"

    Have there been any talks of opening up the PA occupation to non-medtechs? I know of a few nurses out there (myself included) who have considered getting out to get our Masters to be NPs, but if we had the opportunity to do the PA course there may be incentive to stay in.
  9. JRBond


    Perfect, thanks a lot.
  10. JRBond


    He's army, and yes he is a very good friend.
  11. JRBond


    Necropost On the topic of swords, I'm looking at getting one for a friend of mine as a wedding present. He's an MPO, does anyone know if they use infantry pattern or another one?
  12. JRBond

    What have you won thus far in the Roll Up the Rim?

    2 free coffees out of three, that's one more win than last year for me.
  13. JRBond

    Two videos about fitness good for a laugh

    Here are a couple more, these are "Don't be that guy" videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-91_iXATY8 - Don't be that guy at the gym http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGojEyYBmwc - Don't be that awkward runner
  14. JRBond

    From Christmas in enemy trenches to a Cape Breton kitchen

    Unsure if this is the correct location for this post. This is an editorial from today's Cape Breton Post, with a story involving my grandfather Alexander Nicholson...
  15. JRBond

    BMOQ Rumours

    I was a Mod 2 BMOQ student at the Mega this past summer, unfortunately I didn't pass due to my PT test. However I started hearing some rumours in regards to the new TP for BMOQ, apparently those of us who have mod 1 will have to return to week 0 starting next year. Also another rumour floating...
  16. JRBond

    BMOQ Mods questions

    I figure this is the best place to post this, for anyone who has gone to St Jean for BMOQ mod 2 what uniform did you travel in? Combats or Service Dress? Or did you go in civvies?
  17. JRBond

    ROTP and CF application confusion

    PK98, For your application you have to fill out the standard CF application putting Nursing Officer as your trade choice, and ROTP as your entry plan, as well as complete the ROTP supplemental paperwork with your university choice, experience, essay, etc.