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  1. Spr.Earl

    Canadian Army Tunneling Corps

    If my old gray matter is correct,the 1st and 2nd Tunneling Companies were stood up again in WWII and served mainly on Gibraltar digging new tunnel's and returned to England some time in 43.
  2. Spr.Earl

    UNPROFOR Badger Deployment

    Kat it was ROTO 0 we had the pleasure to be on. Remember we had to take down the IFOR and put up the SFOR on all the vehicle's.
  3. Spr.Earl

    Which of these airbases is the old CFB Lahr?

    Bit of trivia, Lahr had the longest run way in all of NATO that is why all did touch and goe's on Saturday's and Sunday's. :blotto: :'(
  4. Spr.Earl

    !949 Mutinies'

    Sent to me by a fellow Merchant Seaman In the late winter of 1949, the RCN was shaken by three almost simultaneous cases of mass insubordination variously described as "Incidents" or "Mutinies": On February 26, when the destroyer HMCS Athabaskan was on a fuelling stop at Manzanillo, Colima...
  5. Spr.Earl

    General Hillier's Legacy (split from:Top general fights to cut the fat in the Forces)

    My own 2 cent's worth is I agree with the above post,I forget when it started the Officer's over the years came back talking like C.E.O.'s and treating the Military like it was a Blue Chip Corporation. I and others noted the change in their demeanour,speech and the micro management. The...
  6. Spr.Earl

    USN relieves harsh female CO of warship for being like "Captain Bligh"

    More on this U.S. Naval Officer besides the one item that was in the news. http://www.militarycorruption.com/hollygraf7.htm
  7. Spr.Earl

    Any 1 CER members from early 90's still around

    Up date ,me and Minky are still with 192,I run into Tedy and Bubbles nw and agin and all are well. UBIQUE
  8. Spr.Earl

    The Via Rail Promotion For CF Members Thread

    Great for you lot down east but not for us on the Left Coast ! Yup the center of Canada is Toronto and Motnreal! Yup BOHICA again for the Left Coast!
  9. Spr.Earl

    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    Yup a Multi National Viet Nam. We won't win this conflict, and what for it our Gov. will come up with a excuse to stay.
  10. Spr.Earl

    Deployed soldier fights phone bill

    First off we have to admit that we get jack crap as a soldier's,airman or sailor's in Canada compared to the State's. In the State's you produce military I.D. you get a discount from any where from 10% to 25%. Ah but not here in Canada!!!  >:( I have produced my Canadian Mil I.D. in Texas...
  11. Spr.Earl

    Dan Aykroyd Wines sends free wine to the troops!

    You got your Rum ration?
  12. Spr.Earl

    U.S.S Wisconsin

    The Wisconsin firing her 16" gun's for the last time. Note the camera crew filiming and the Officer in the bridge. ::) http://shock.military.com/Shock/videos.do?displayContent=164747&ESRC=soldiertech.nl
  13. Spr.Earl

    Book on Combat Engineers in Afghanistan

    Thank's PanaEng. It's good to see that some of us are recording the life of present day Sappers. Nick UBIQUE
  14. Spr.Earl

    Finding the Fallen

    A program on the History Channel. They research WW I trench line's friend and foe and come up with amazing result's like returning  personal belonging's to next of kin.
  15. Spr.Earl

    CER specialized

    Kat you forgot the odd welly also. ;D
  16. Spr.Earl

    100 th Annvesary of the Seaforth's

  17. Spr.Earl

    WWI Dairy

    This is a blog. Start from day 1,it's all the letter's the soldier sent home and what he recived from home. http://wwar1.blogspot.com/ Start from day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a good read as it's take's you back in time,in a time when people wrote letter's and look at the hand writting.
  18. Spr.Earl

    'George, Nicholas and Wilhelm' (WWI) - New York Times

    Tuche Larry,Prince Edward was a spend thrift or what we would call to day a male whore,he gambled,whored and abused his postition in life.
  19. Spr.Earl

    Royal Canadian Legion,ANAVETS

    To one and all we are losing our Legion's and ANAVET's Club's. Let's not let them die!! Did you know if you have problem's with anything to do with a Veteran Affairs they will help you. KEEP THE LEGION AND ANAVETS ALIVE JOIN TO DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Spr.Earl

    Photos of 1 RCHA at Sennelager 1970

    Thank's for the photo's,I think we should still have a mobile plat form equal to the old 155.