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  1. Jay4th

    Alleged Institutional Racism/solutions in CAF (merged)

    I know this is a bit of a necro-quote, But I must say that I feel exactly the way EITS described back in 2016.  Especially this week after reading the "Defence Team Message" Monday morning at work. Felt like we were all being called racists. I expect a new "Named Mission" similar to Operation...
  2. Jay4th

    Let "The Journey" Begin

    As a 25 year Reg Force Infantry MWO, who has not spent more than 2 years in the same geographical area in the last 10 years, this makes releasing into a class B job for some stability look very attractive.  Perhaps I will call it "the journey" .
  3. Jay4th

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    There is an excellent research paper in the "Vimy Papers" on the CDA institute website about the fighter replacement program.  It is called "The Fourth Dimmension" I found it a grat insight into the procurement of aircraft and how badly it can be screwed up.
  4. Jay4th

    5D Release

    Hello, I am looking for some advice.  Trying to administer a student that has trains running on several different tracks and I don't know which train he should get on. -Less than 1 yr in CAF -submitted a memo for a VR -has a PCAT pending unfit op environment (addiction issues) -just recieved...
  5. Jay4th

    Concerns Prompt Sweeping Review of Royal Military College- Nov. 2/ 2016

    Some most certainly are children, at least here at CMR St. Jean. At the beginning of first semestre we have several 16 yr olds and dozens of 17 yr olds.  Our staff need to take this into consideration in many décisions.  Parents have entrusted us with the care and education of their children...
  6. Jay4th

    Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean (CMR)

    I am slowly learning.
  7. Jay4th

    Collège Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean (CMR)

    Continuing the Orientation Program for an extra week would have been a "make work project". Because the students receive 6 weeks of basic training before arriving at CMR or RMC, the Orientation program can be much shorter. All the basic training stuff used to be during Orientation (marching...
  8. Jay4th

    BMOQ Regular Force 2014 - 2017 [Merged]

    Hello, The RMC /CMR Officer Cadets on BMOQ mod 2 have their College cap badges, not their trade cap badges. Because you have been granted qualifications within your trade, if your course wishes you to wear the tri-service badge, I would put in a well formatted and nicely worded memo requesting...
  9. Jay4th

    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    No problem. Good luck on BMOQ mod 1.
  10. Jay4th

    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    Every offer is different. Here are some examples; 1. Applicant With Quebec high school may come to CMR SJ and do 2yrs (prep and 1st yr) before going to Kingston (2nd, 3rd, 4th yrs for total 5 yrs) 2. Applicant with Quebec High School and did CEGEP on their own may come to CMR SJ as a junior for...
  11. Jay4th

    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    It is very likely, but not guaranteed that people on the 27 June BMOQ mod 1 will go to College Militaire St Jean.  Just by looking at the dates on my calendar: BMOQ mod 1 dates 27 June to 12 Aug and CMR new student arrival is on the evening of 12 Aug. We receive a number of Anglophone students...
  12. Jay4th

    All Memo Templates: (AVOTP, ED&T, File Number, OJT, OT, Release, Retention)

    This is the first i have heard of a memo NOT being required.  If this is true I wasted countless man-hours correcting and minuting memos as the PAT platoon WO in Wainwright and am still wasting time on these same memos as the QMSI at College Militaire Royal Saint-Jean.
  13. Jay4th

    Pension Transfer Value / Lump Sum Pymt [Merged]

    These wait times seem ridiculous! I may put a memo in at the first of the year just in case I decide to retire.... every year for the next 10 years. Please tell me they pay you interest when that first pension check (several months worth at once) finally comes in. Do you know what the people I...
  14. Jay4th

    Single Quarters & Rations (R&Q) [MERGED]

    I will see you when you get here then.  :salute:
  15. Jay4th

    Single Quarters & Rations (R&Q) [MERGED]

    Geez ArmyVern, At what point do you do a periodic re-evaluation of your decision to stay in the CAF.  It must be difficult to keep letting the dice come up "Them" rather than "Us" I applaud you and your husband for your sevice mindset but where do you draw the line? My wife and I are a Married...
  16. Jay4th

    Figure 13 MG Target Image?

    I`ve always found the figure 13 to be an interesting image.  It is in the style of some Group of Seven artwork, and the helmets make it look like an allied MG team.
  17. Jay4th

    Introducing BattlePro for Android

    Thanks Mike!  Very much appreciated.
  18. Jay4th

    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    Very valid points NP.  We have all seen troops get screwed come PER season and meriting due to lazy reporting by supervisors throughout the year.
  19. Jay4th

    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    if your subordinates ned to write up a brag sheet of accomplishments in order to help the boss write his PDR, then the boss isn't doing his job.  We have Monitor Mass that if used even remotely properly, creates the brag sheet and PDR for you.
  20. Jay4th

    2VP Winnipeg Iltis Photos/Info Wanted

    Contact Rob Love over at mapleleafup.org