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  1. navymich

    NORAD Ready to Track Santa

    And now Google is in the mix too.  Nothing like confusing kids.  Some "interesting" comments too... Toronto Sun, 24 Dec 13
  2. navymich


    Within the document that you linked (which is, as Max mentioned, outdated), there is a link for NORAD's webpage.  I suggest you use that to find more of your information.  It is more accurate and up-to-date.  www.norad.mil
  3. navymich

    This is is where I get off

    And the end of things for me too.  Hit my goals last month of Rank 2000 and 1000 consecutive days.  Today I got to 10, 000 CR.  Time to hang up my crown.  It was a blast, all the best to everyone else.
  4. navymich

    This is is where I get off

    Great playing NinerSix, especially with the low morale.  I'll be joining you in the next couple of days.
  5. navymich

    Linking Issues.

    I don't recall if there is a notification or not, but yours has not gone through.  You can check by looking at your Milpoints history (go to the very top of your page in the menu bar under information and "My milpoints history"). 
  6. navymich

    Dogs can attack with Impunity at CFB Borden?

    From the CFHA Occupant Handbook (http://www.cfha-alfc.forces.gc.ca/custsvcs-svcclients/oh-go/oh-go-8-eng.aspx#81), highlighted items mine:
  7. navymich

    Problems and Bugs

    I can't get on to AO from Firefox. No Joy on IE too.  Hasn't been much of any problems lately now that you have tweaked things Mike.  And usually if the site is down, so is AO, and vice versa.  I'm thinking maybe a FB problem then?
  8. navymich

    Success Stories

    Rank: airmich 2,000 Consecutive Days Played: airmich 1,000 ;D
  9. navymich

    Sea Service Insignia (SSI) [Merged]

    "Bluer" pastures.  But I'll still take the rum drink  ;)
  10. navymich

    Problems and Bugs

    I went to add CR and I got Sad Panda'd.  Thinking I had hit something wrong, I waited my 8 second time out and tried again.  I got Sad panda'd yet again.  Only a 21 second time out but I don't think I will try anymore tonight.
  11. navymich

    System Upgrade: Please Report Problems

    The new menus are useable on DWAN now, not sure if you changed something Mike? And was the site down overnight?  I was unable to get on it from about 2330-0400 CST.
  12. navymich

    Success Stories

    I only played during the night if I happened to be up.  Helped being a shift worker too and being able to play more regularly those few days. PC, you do have some great stats.  I've been pumping my points into CR for the most part.  I wonder how I would play differently if I started again. (as...
  13. navymich

    Success Stories

    And ditto me, trying to stay ahead of you!  I've only been playing during regular hours for quite awhile now.  Finally decided to create some missions of my own and I'm sailing along on them.  Time to pass on the crown, although it will take a few days for someone to creep up.
  14. navymich

    Success Stories

    Not too bad over 1000 days.  Not even close to the leader (who should DEFINITELY get out more!!) Total Time Played: MMSS 103 days 14:41:46 I was almost thinking of holding out for 3 years too, but camping season is coming and I really should put the electronics away at some point.  :D
  15. navymich

    Success Stories

    It is almost time for me to pull pin on the game.  I've had a ton of fun and only wish that I had been as smart in play at the beginning as I feel that I am now.  Like any addiction, this wasn't an easy decision for me to make to quit.  But I need to cut the ties at some point. I had a few...
  16. navymich

    The Afghan Ops Crossroads

    Thank you for posting about this Mike.  It makes AO life more bearable knowing the reasoning behind some of the issues.  It was down for me last night too (about 2200 CST). You have put a lot of work into this over the last few years, and it is great to hear that there are still new addicts...
  17. navymich

    Word association (just for fun)

  18. navymich

    Potential Education Reimbursement Funding Restriction FY 13/14

    I was not aware of this.  If I had known, I would have picked up a course for the spring.  Was this written somewhere new, or did I miss it in the original info?
  19. navymich

    Derelict Port de la Reine and the Port Quebec

    G2G, they were diesel.  It was after they were gone that the trade Diesel Mechanic started it's change to MESO (Marine Engineering Systems Operator).
  20. navymich

    Derelict Port de la Reine and the Port Quebec

    Summer & Fall  of '92, I sailed on the Dauphine.  We stayed in company with the Quebec and de la Reine...had to keep your spare parts close by!  The pigs were my first ship, and I didn't have anything else to compare them to at that time.  But the trips were fun, the stories are still plentiful...