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  1. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Friendly Advice for potential Infantry Officer candidates

    Just to add some context, one fine day in Afghanistan I was near a scale, so I weighed my kit, the normal kit I wore/carried on an average patrol (normally a 4 x weekly event at the minimum).  The shortest patrols were normally clearing patrols in and around the TI to a radius all around the...
  2. Command-Sense-Act 105

    GIs hit by "laser friendly fire" in Iraq

    Our own laser dazzlers identified here - http://www.forces.gc.ca/site/commun/ml-fe/article-eng.asp?id=5185 Geo, I'm not sure what your point is.
  3. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Can anyone tell me about Kabul or ISAF HQ

    ENOUGH. Locked. The Milnet.ca Staff
  4. Command-Sense-Act 105


    OK folks, this one is locked before things go further south. The Army.ca Staff
  5. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Reversion to NCM

    Agree partially - ask the CoC/advise them of your desire to speak with the Infantry CM and get their OK to call.  But YOU should be speaking with them and asking the questions, not your chain of command.
  6. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Reversion to NCM

    Unlike others I won't chastise you for "what you should have done", particularly given some posters' experience (or lack thereof) in the CF.  At times "hurrying up and waiting" is not the best course of action, particularly as the "system" has at times been known to lose files and perhaps not...
  7. Command-Sense-Act 105

    ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

    Sounds like a perfect question that the fine sailors, soldiers and airwomen/airmen at your local Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre would be more than happy to answer.
  8. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Fun at RMC?

    Ok folks, time for the "FUN" police to come in. Refer back to Journeyman's post above.  "FUN" is what you make it, but the pissing contest will have to stop now. Locked.  Normal procedure applies if there is anything more relevant to add later. The Milnet.ca Staff
  9. Command-Sense-Act 105

    A Canadianized OV-10D NOGS?

    Because previously they were tank experts who already sorted out the Armour Corps ref the Leopard 2.  Now they've moved on to square away the aviation world. 105 "Not the patient moderator"
  10. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Is the CAF as diversified as canada is?

    There are lies, damn lies and statistics...
  11. Command-Sense-Act 105

    World War 3 is underway

    Or you could take another view that there was no WWI or WWII - it was one Continental war (with a bit in Africa and slaughter in Gallipoli), with a 21 year hiatus for rearming/resupply and some tactics changes.  The Treaty of Versailles virtually ensured that there would be a European Round Two...
  12. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Capt. Robert Semrau Charged With Murder in Afghanistan

    And then we have, on the same CBC web page, this story - Canadian soldiers kill suspected suicide bomber, shared under the usual provisions: Interesting
  13. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Israel strikes Hard at Hamas In Gaza- Dec/ 27/ 2008

    OK FastEddy, for this little rant you are going up the warning system.  You've been on Verbal, now you move up to Recorded Warning. The Milnet.ca Staff
  14. Command-Sense-Act 105


    This is a question to be directed purely and surely at the recruiting centre and the doctor that examined you.  This forum has no way of knowing your individual situation and cannot make any medical recommendations nor offer hope or counsel on any medical determinations. The bottom line is that...
  15. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    OWDU, you walk the line quite a bit and know exactly what you are doing.  Don't keep going there.
  16. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    OWDU, Easy on the personal attacks. The Milnet.ca Staff
  17. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Africa in Crisis- The Merged Superthread

    Frank, I think you're bang on but for one thing.  Exchange "missions in Africa" for "all UN missions" and add in the parts about mismanagement, over-rankedness and lack of focus by the participants... :P
  18. Command-Sense-Act 105

    Security Software in Chat

    Not quite yet.  Last night it determined that the following were "bad words": both bash b sqn birch bath