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    Where is FAA?

    Thx,  Now hopefully I won't look quite so lost and confused when I go to report. 
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    Where is FAA?

    Just been posted to Halifax and no one I've asked knows where FAA is.  All I know is that its in Halifax.....somewhere. 
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    New ships (cheap)

      The bay class would be a great stop gap solution to the support ship issue.  While the bean counters are working out the details we could use one or two for replenishment, disaster relief, getting our tanks back home from a Afghanistan, and as oilers.  These LSD have enormous storage tanks for...
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    Halifax or Victoria? Who's Been to both?

    From what I can gather from this thread, I should not find either that bad.  But then I grew up in Oahawa ON, so even Montreal would be charming.
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    Arctic Sovereignty Submarine

    That might be the top speed of a WW2 sub but now a days even the electric boats are pretty quick.  It's just that a nuke boat can go fast ALL the time since there are no battaries to run out.  There has been some talk of putting a naval base around Hudson Bay, maybe around Churchel MB.  Theres a...
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    reccomended reading for NES OP

      I will be going into the NES OP trade but have about 7-8 months to wait until I actually begin the NES OP training course.  Since I have so much time on my hands I was wondering if there is anything out there at the book store or online that I could read that would help me prepare for it. ...
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    To TheNoob.  You should switch up like I did.  I got on the merit list a few days after all the combat arms closed.  Didn't feel like mopping about for spots that MIGHT open in 4-18 months so I switched up.  And by the end of the week got an offer.  And I still get to ride around in a giant...
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

      My process took an odd turn when all my first choices filled up just as I was put on the merit list.  So I changed up too some of the others I liked and got an offer by the end of the week. Recruiting Center: CFRC Oshawa Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade Choice 1: NES...
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

      I got called today and was told that I was on the national merit list but that all my selections were full.  So with in a half hour I was in the recruiting centre seeing what else was open.  I switched to MP for my first choice and I got a glance at the openings list when they were asking me...
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruiting Centre: CFRC Durham Regular/Reserve:  Regular Officer/NCM:  NCM Trade Choice 1: Infantry Trade Choice 2: Combat Engineer Trade Choice 3: Armoured Soider Application Date:  Jan,11 2010 First Contact Date: March 9 2010 CFAT Completed: March 23 2010 References Contact: TBA Medical &...
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    Credit Check Superthread- Merged Topics

      Here's a posser.  I am working on getting a consolidation loan but the problem I have been having is that I was layed off last fall and thier saying that I'm not currently making enough at my present job to qualify.  So if the debt is getting bad dispite my efforts to correct it and keep it...
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    DEO Infantry 2010

      I was at my recruiter today to do the CFAT and he said that all the combat arms are open at this time.
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    Opening Availabilities and The Best Way To Stay Current On Them

      Thanks guys.  I've seen thought darn stars on the site and never really got a good explanation tell now.
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    Opening Availabilities and The Best Way To Stay Current On Them

    That's weird.  I went looking for it and couldn't find it.  Anyway, the real question I was trying to find out about was, what "in demand" really means and how it relates to the normal availability of positions. 
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    Opening Availabilities and The Best Way To Stay Current On Them

      Tried to ask this yesterday but got deleted.  I think it's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask and, NO, it's not on any other post.  I checked.   The question is this.  On the forces.ca there are star to indicate that certain jobs that are in demand.  I am wondering what this means exactly. ...
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    Living on ships...

      What about personal laptops.  In the last two years the new net books have gotten smaller and cheaper.  Are they allowed to bring or are only CF issued computers allowed on deployment?  I only ask since I'm thinking of joining and I have both a laptop and net book.  I was a PI until I got...
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    Opening Availabilities and The Best Way To Stay Current On Them

    Hello too you all.  New hear on the forum and thinking of joining the army.  I've been around on the forces.ca site and noticed that from time to time there are in demand stars for certain jobs.  I am wondering what this is meant to mean, that there are more then average positions available or...