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  1. Sigs Pig

    Basic starts this weekend. what to expect, any advice?

    I was 44yo when I joined CAF in the Reserve side so I still had 12 years on you. Some in my serial were your age and they "got it". I have always said it was a game the Instructors played, I am not sure if it is the same at CFLRS, but recognize it and have fun. The teens always freaked out over...
  2. Sigs Pig

    Major Site Upgrade

    WOW! I have not been @ army.ca in awhile and not using a shortcut, I typed army.ca in the location bar, hit enter and the page brought me to the "Guest" page and I thought I must have deleted my cookies, so I clicked on 'login'. It also gave me that the login username was not secure and sure...
  3. Sigs Pig

    Canada Savings Bond Payroll Savings Program

    I may stand corrected (to a point). We had moved our $$$ around when I retired and what it might be is a transfer fee. As for "paying" for CSB when I did my payroll deduction, there is a charge for that which I was able to deduct at tax time so the end result is nil.
  4. Sigs Pig

    Canada Savings Bond Payroll Savings Program

    You say you want to purchase CSBs, how? If you have the cash available, you buy their Premium bond at any/most financial institutions, or even by phone from CSB, but how that works I do not know. The payroll way has to be offered by the employer and I have never seen CAF offer that one. Phone...
  5. Sigs Pig

    Unknown insignia

    Hi Larry Just wondering about some history on the object? You know, "the five W's" on your request. Might be interesting to some. Thx ME
  6. Sigs Pig

    Roman Sword found in Nova Scotia questions history of Americas

    The bird is named Elvira, sex of it is unknown (mystery deepens) and no reference of a sword being found on it or if it was picked up on Oak Island.... Man those easterners have ALL the fun.  :santa: - could not find a sarcasm smiley Elvira Stay cool ME
  7. Sigs Pig

    Funny Pix & Video Thread

    "Someday son, Canadians won't own this land any longer...."
  8. Sigs Pig

    BMQ / BMOQ - Medical, Dental, Mental health questions [Merged]

    Also, take good care of that book, even after the CAF if you like traveling (more). It has helped me remember what I have been inoculated for and some countries require proof of certain vaccinations before entry. Stay cool ME
  9. Sigs Pig

    Help identifying medals

    I think "Google powers" would be an insult...  They have many  years of "The Force" ME
  10. Sigs Pig

    Word association (just for fun)

  11. Sigs Pig

    The Poppy Selling Superthread- Merged

    From the Legion Poppy Manual ME
  12. Sigs Pig

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Other than the turret, this seems to be a match. ME
  13. Sigs Pig

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    With the spare wheel on its left side, this (to me) could be the prototype of a Daimler Ferret. ME
  14. Sigs Pig

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Now I know why I can't play this game. My info says Carro Pesante P26/40 production started by Ansaldo. So your answer sounds right. Thx ME
  15. Sigs Pig

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    I don't (can't) play this game as I do not have a clue... but I do like looking at the pics and trying to Google search some.... But I found one that I would like to post if I may. For your pleasure:
  16. Sigs Pig

    Military Discounts List

    Petro Canada ME
  17. Sigs Pig


    This Friday if you are in Winnipeg Candlelight Service ME
  18. Sigs Pig

    Winter Dress in Garrison

    :nod: ME VVV
  19. Sigs Pig

    Winter Dress in Garrison

    You shall see us sweating tonight sir. And Recceguy, we are dismissed from a classroom, so no dismissal parade, whew! ME
  20. Sigs Pig

    Winter Dress in Garrison

    We parade tonight and this reminder was just emailed: "Remember, as per the SSM, winter dress is now in effect. For all parades you will wear sleeves down and wear your thermals. You may go back to sleeves up and t-shirts afterwards. I recommend you keep one set up thermals in your locker so you...