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    Rocker Meat Loaf Dead at 74 & Comedian Louie Anderson Dead at 68

    Because only the good die young...
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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    A new fleet of 5 or 6 strategic transports (including 2 tanker models) will be extremely expensive be they A-330’s or Boeing 767’s.  I would hope to see the retention of an MRTT like tanking capability for overseas fighter deployments. You make an excellent point about commonality of the C-17...
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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    Yes, I expect that the Minister would be chased from the cabinet room at this time unless there was an extraordinary case to be made.
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    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    In spite of current government spending on Covid-19 and other military priorities like the fighter replacement or shipbuilding, wouldn’t this be an excellent time to pick up a half dozen used Airbus A-330’s on the civilian market to replace the aging CC-150 fleet?  With airlines grounding...
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    Question regarding AIP and O2 generation

    Colin & Underway, thanks for the feedback.  I didn’t realise that electrolysis was so inefficient.  Should have guessed at the poor performance, otherwise everyone would already be using it to extend dive times.  The thought of fire as a consideration never crossed my mind.  I’d just assumed...
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    Question regarding AIP and O2 generation

    I understand that the Victoria subs don’t operate under the northern ice pack for various reasons including: • limited battery life without snorkeling/surfacing • limited onboard oxygen without snorkeling/surfacing • CO2 maybe a problem without snorkeling/surfacing but scrubbing techniques are...
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    The 355 Ship Navy

    If Wikipedia is to be believed the Royal Australian Navy upgraded 4 of their Adelaide (FFG7) class ships under project SEA 1390.  The project extended their service lives and the project included improvements to the combat and fire control system, the sonar suite, and the air defence missiles...
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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    The United States has provided a number of decommissioned USCG Hamilton class patrol ships to the Philippines government for their use.  By the time Canada’s new CSC class allow for Halifax class units to be retired would there be enough serviceable life left in any of the ships to make a...