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  1. Weinie

    Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    Another one to ponder before you buy. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/us-electric-vehicles-reliability-1.7043798
  2. Weinie

    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    They are contumacious in that assertion.
  3. Weinie

    Car Explosion/Accident at Rainbow Bridge?

    Giggle. A politician hold his tongue.
  4. Weinie

    Air Force major charged in firearms bust in Kingston, Petawawa

    Three types of people from the Maritimes Cant wait to get the fuck outta there, will never move back (Me) Move for economic reasons, spend time away pining, move back (sister) Can't even conceive of leaving the Maritimes (other sister)
  5. Weinie

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Lies, half-truths, rumours, malicious gossip, slurs, aspersion, and innuendo. Have I covered it all Bruce?
  6. Weinie


    The problem is not ADM(PA). Think higher.
  7. Weinie

    Guinness World Records crowns new hottest pepper

    I eat Scotch bonnets like they are smarties.
  8. Weinie

    Urban Elites, Natives and Settlers....

    Now we are a tribe......sigh.
  9. Weinie

    Cost of housing in Canada

    That was David Dingwall,replying to scrutiny that he over-expensed the taxpayer while serving as the head of the Royal Canadian Mint.
  10. Weinie

    Canada needs a climate-emergency response team

    How does one become a rocket surgeon?
  11. Weinie

    Geoengineering to save the planet?

    Concur. Red-neck dinosaurs.
  12. 1691217303209.png


  13. Weinie

    Geoengineering to save the planet?

    And that demon carbon.
  14. Weinie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    I suspect that it was two different vids, grafted together for effect.
  15. Weinie

    Cost of housing in Canada

    Except those 65% of Canadians who don't live in urban.
  16. Weinie

    Cost of housing in Canada

    The left and the centrists infringe as well.
  17. Weinie

    Cost of housing in Canada

    Perhaps you are the one that has lost perspective. Your posts seem to equate urban planning with altruism. Urban planners take their direction from city managers, who take their direction from politicians. Hence, biases/agendas/visions invariably enter the fray.
  18. Weinie

    Cost of housing in Canada

    Until biases/agendas intrude