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  1. tomydoom

    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Being a Protestant living in Dublin can be an enlightening experience at times.
  2. tomydoom

    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Ireland enters the chat.
  3. tomydoom

    Opportunity to update the CC-150 fleet?

    Dominion of Canada. 😝
  4. tomydoom

    Ukraine - Superthread

    The only thing that surprises me, is it took this long. Wagner boss Prigozhin killed in plane crash in Russia Wagner boss Prigozhin killed in plane crash in Russia
  5. tomydoom

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Last summer, I found that out the hard way.. I was driving from Mississauga to Petawawa via Huntsville (dropping the kids off at summer camp for the week) and was in desperate need of a caffeine break. Unfortunately it was 4pm.
  6. tomydoom

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Even more off topic, Barry's Bay must have the only Tim Horton's in the world that closes at 3pm.
  7. tomydoom

    Cost of housing in Canada

    I shared the link to more illustrate how out of hand the Canadian housing market is. A couple of months ago, we considered moving back to Canada from Ireland. But a standard 3 bedroom detached house in nearly anywhere in southern Ontario was running at least 800k. Here in Dublin, my...
  8. tomydoom

    Cost of housing in Canada

    I'd rather have a castle in the south of France for half the price. https://www.green-acres.fr/en/properties/luxury-property/douzens/336795.htm
  9. tomydoom

    Unidentified approx mid 90s issued Combat boot?

    Wow, that made me feel very very old.
  10. tomydoom

    Informing the Army’s Future Structure

    We have a land border with 2 countries now, one can't forgot about those aggressive Danes on Hans Island.
  11. tomydoom

    New Crown

    It would be. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crathie_Kirk?wprov=sfti1 Where the Royal Family attends church while at Balmoral.
  12. tomydoom

    New Crown

    Except in Scotland, where he’s a Presbyterian.
  13. tomydoom

    New Crown

    For those who haven’t seen it.
  14. 1683384317923.jpeg


  15. tomydoom

    New Crown

    And saves having to redesign it in another a decade or so, to change from CIIR to WVR
  16. tomydoom

    New Crown

    OMFG, it looks like a highschool art project.
  17. tomydoom

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    Why are you insulting artillery junior NCOs? 😉
  18. tomydoom

    Australia to become major hub for US submarines

    Oh jeez, can you imagine the lawsuits and the billions in compensation that the federal government would have to hand out, if this was attempted?
  19. tomydoom

    The End of the Virtual Land of the Free

    As a comparison this is what I get for the same two searches, here in Ireland. Broader results for Ottawa and nearly the same results for the Ukraine War. Make of that what you will.
  20. tomydoom

    ‘White nationalism’ a threat the Canadian Armed Forces aren’t equipped for: watchdog

    Yay my Asian wife and Caucasian self! Not sure my children would concur though. :D