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    Looking for Physical Training buddy in Edmonton (NE)

    shoot me a message and we can sort something out.
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    Looking for Physical Training buddy in Edmonton (NE)

    Hello and thanks for dropping by. My name is Chris and I am looking for a training buddy to help get me into shape for when I get the call for BMQ. I live in Edmonton (North East, Rundle Heights) If there is anyone or a group that does this kind of thing that would be awesome! I know with covid...
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    Anyone competition listed in 2021?

    I was CL'd for Ammo Tech. I got a call but I needed a defer due to timing and a legal issue that came up*. The call funny enough came March 31 with a swearing-in on April 1st. Currently waiting for a second call. I started my application in Sept. 2020 and was finished the process around Dec...