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  1. GregC

    Surefire Helmet Light- SOLD PENDING FUNDS $100

    Hello, SOLD PENDING FUNDS I have 1x surefire helmet mount, and 2x Surefire helmet lights for sale. I know, sounds odd, but read on. EMT is king, shipping extra. I bought the helmet light in Germany while on exercise there, it's the model with 3 white LEDs, and 2 blue LEDs, in addition to the...
  2. GregC

    WTS- ICE Tac "OTW Type" Shirt, and assorted molle

    Leaving the military and looking to offload some kit. All prices are plus shipping, as well as OBO. Discounts for multiple items bought, and I am based at CFB Edmonton, so anyone in the area can drop by 3VP and grab any of this. Email Money Transfer preferred. Pictures can be sent upon...
  3. GregC

    Canadian Combat Action Badge - Now A Dead Idea (Merged Threads)

    Nail hit on head. When I heard about this badge when I was overseas in 2007, I heard about there being 3 levels of the badge (bronze, silver, gold). Immediately you could tell how vague the conditions were for being awarded this kind of thing.... by the definitions I heard 2 years ago the KAF...
  4. GregC

    Top soldier's farewell cost taxpayers $270,000

    If only the public knew what The Rock (our knewly consecrated memorial to our fallen) outside 3VP lines cost in money, material, and men... that would be an uproar!
  5. GregC

    VLTOR Dealers in Canada?

    Resurrecting an old thread here, never could manage to get my hands on a stock, and as I have plenty of cash sitting around (tough to spend it when you're rotting in Wainwright on Mod6) was going to give finding one another crack. Can anyone point me in the right direction for an Vltor stock in...
  6. GregC

    VLTOR Dealers in Canada?

    Incoming PM I-6  :salute:
  7. GregC

    VLTOR Dealers in Canada?

    Hi everyone, I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction for a dealer in Canada that I can get an VLTOR EMod Stock from, because I've had no luck so far. Or, alternatively, a dealer in the states that will ship to Canada? I've done alot of searching online and have come up...
  8. GregC

    Decompression in Cyprus - various aspects, updates (merged)

    I'm going to add a little something based on my experiences with decompression. Nothing in this report applied to my decompression from 1-07. The entire platoon I was a member of deployed out of theatre together and cycled through Cyprus in the same hotel as a unit. We chose our buddies we...
  9. GregC

    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    We were first informed that chest rigs were not allowed on 1-07 because it interrupted your ability to properly adopt a firing position in the prone. As anyone who has carried 10 mags as a rifleman, or 4 boxes as a C9 gunner, or 2 belts as a C6 gunner, there is not a comfortable prone position...
  10. GregC

    Weapons Mod

    I am not a huge fan of the A2, however on this occasion I seem to be arriving in the rifles defense. Although I despise the ambi-catch due to constantly dropping mags with it (I get the techs to replace it with the old style), anyone who has done a gunfighter course (or 5) can see the inherent...
  11. GregC

    PPCLI Regimental Day - March 17

    B Coy of the 3rd was victorious today in 2 games..... the highlight reel (had cameras been rolling) would have included a suplex on a poor young pte.... no serious injuries, which based on the conduct was surprising! I'm not sure who won the offcrs/SnrNco game..... I think the officers may have...
  12. GregC

    BFG Vickers Combat Application Sling

    Used it overseas on my C7A2-M203... definately one of my best kit purchases. It's well made, functions as advertised and took all the abuse of a tour and held up no problem. It has alot of slack on it, so it doesn't matter if you're big or short, fat or skinny, you can make it work. And you...
  13. GregC

    "The stuff the army issues is useless" and "no non-issue kit over seas!"

    Hmmm, this is the best, most logical idea I've heard in a long time! MICH, Oakley, Arcteryx, Hanwag and Trijicon for all! Oh well, we can dream can't we?
  14. GregC

    Single Quarters & Rations (R&Q) [MERGED]

    As a living in soldier in Edmonton, here are my two huge problems with this system: 1) If the Edmonton mess facility was on par with, say, Trenton's mess, I wouldn't have much of a problem with this forced ration business. But the thing is, there is a reason I haven't eaten at the Edmonton...
  15. GregC

    In Theater TCCC Pouch

    When I was in theatre on TF-1-07, I saw a multitude of TCCC pouches. Most of the 3VP pers were issued a blackhawk tccc bag in ACU, I didn't think much of it and so picked up a North American Rescue Products bag that served me well throughout the tour. I saw alot of 2RCR folks with the massive...
  16. GregC

    Meindl Boots

    I picked up a couple pairs of desert meindls before I went overseas, I believe it was the safari, and the gore tex model, then later the desert fox. Don't ask about all the names, they seem to constantly change. I wasn't a big fan of the goretex ones overseas as I found them much warmer, it may...
  17. GregC

    Helmet Sizing

    Exact same with my OA BLU kit....
  18. GregC

    Well well well another CTS triumph

    Having deployed with C-Coy overseas (without the issued ruck, however), I was able to get a bit of a feel from it from other guys who had it in the platoon. Since I didn't personally hump it I'll limit myself to my 3 biggest observations: 1) This new ruck is pretty damn heavy empty, I haven't...
  19. GregC

    BUIS Assistance Needed

    Can you expand on this Big Red? Not about lower third co-witness, about the "falling off the rifle" bit...... I haven't heard anything about this before, does the mounting screw tend to back out or something along those lines? Thanks for any info you can send my way, I've still got a few weeks...
  20. GregC

    BUIS Assistance Needed

    It will, it's the setup I used on gunfighter and what I'm taking overseas. Worked great for me.