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  1. vonGarvin

    Commander of 8 Wing Trenton arrested, charged in hunting incident

    Now he'll forever be known as the 2nd worst commander of 8 Wing...
  2. vonGarvin

    Late Cold War Canadian Army

    They mostly disappeared. They were being used in the early 1990s, mounted on the M113s and if I'm not mistaken, still in Grizzly turrets. But certainly gone as a dismounted MG.
  3. vonGarvin

    Late Cold War Canadian Army

    Although referred to as a GPMG, the C5 was definitely not "general purpose". I recall it being issued to a scale of 1/platoon, able to be mounted on the M113. But once the C6 came in, I think it pretty much vanished, though I did learn it on my basic MG course in 1989.
  4. vonGarvin

    Late Cold War Canadian Army

    The best source would be to look at 4 CMBG; the other brigade groups were all over the place in terms of ORBAT. The best available source for this would be Kenneth Macskey's book "First Clash". I'm sure there is an ORBAT in there, if you can get a copy.
  5. vonGarvin

    MGEN William "Brian" Vernon, CD (Retired)

    His nephew is my next-door neighbour. I'll have to pass on to him my condolences.
  6. vonGarvin

    Alex Trebek, 1940-2020, R.I.P.

    2020 can fuck right off.  This and now Howie Meeker?  I'm fucking done.  :'(
  7. vonGarvin

    Canadian Forces Reservists behind fake letter warning of wolves being released

    No.  I'm sure the investigation will determine that.
  8. vonGarvin

    Canadian Forces Reservists behind fake letter warning of wolves being released

    I feel really bad for him, too.  :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: I guess he needs to go door to door and leave some letters telling people that there are NO wolves coming!
  9. vonGarvin

    General Election: Oct 21, 2019

    I think he is; he just doesn't realize it.  He is the epitome of bigotry of soft expectations. He believes in intersectionality and that the less privileged you are, the more help you need because you can't do that on your own.
  10. vonGarvin

    Chick-fil-A Derangement Syndrome

    I've seen nothing but great customer service at the Chik Fil A's I've been to. In fact, I'm willing to file this statement of yours under "things that never happened for 500".  Given today's saturation with media (smart phones, etc), any such blatant behaviour gets reported and goes viral in...
  11. vonGarvin

    Chick-fil-A Derangement Syndrome

    I really miss Chik Fil A.  From marketing to their chicken to their waffle fries.  And the Chik Fil A sauce! Their chicken soup is amazing.
  12. vonGarvin

    Cpl (Ret'd) Carole Bronson, CD

    I feel like I've been punched in the gut. Requiescat in Pace. :'(
  13. vonGarvin

    Seeking Advanced Squad Leader players

    ATTENTION GAGETOWN GAMERS! If you are interested, on 14 September at 1100, the D Day Dodgers ASL Club of Southern NB will have its inaugural meeting at Gamezilla in Fredericton.  No experience required.  Come on out if you're interested!
  14. vonGarvin

    Seeking Advanced Squad Leader players

    I'm not sure how I missed this. Several months later, and yes I am.  Not for a few weeks, though. I'm about to move and things are...hectic
  15. vonGarvin

    Daily wear - Work Dress vs Operational dress [Split from Sleeves up]

    "Why do we always lead off with the left when we march?  Why not the right?  I tell you, there's something sinister about leading off with the left foot..."
  16. vonGarvin


    I'll ask him. *pause* He says he didn't. He thanks you.  :)
  17. vonGarvin


    Reference 4.c., does this mean that if someone were a reservist Sgt say in 1989 and was convicted, got a severe rep and oh, I dunno, say 500 fine (less than monthly salary), then that person would no longer have a criminal record due to this? Asking for a friend...
  18. vonGarvin

    WO Howard Lee Bruce, CD 13 June 2019

    I had the pleasure of being Howie's platoon commander back in mortar platoon, 2 RCR.  Howie was one of two Mortar Fire Controllers (MFCs), and because I am often slow-witted, Sgt Anderson was callsign 50A, and then-Sgt Bruce was 50B.  I look back fondly at the time when I was OC Mortars.  Sgt...