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  1. 28Medic

    Employment Opportunities For Spouses- Merged

    Hi We are relatively new to the Reg Force world, so our first posting is coming up in Jan 07 to Moose Jaw. Giving the amount of time it takes to get all training and courses, I have had a lot of time to think about what I will do in Moose Jaw. I have been with the same hi-tech company in Ottawa...
  2. 28Medic

    Medical Mess Kit for Sale

  3. 28Medic

    The Dentist

    Ha. I also had my "teeth cleaning" this morning. My teeth do feel loose and Yum Yum "gritty" , no matter what I do, every so often I get a nice sandy feeling in my bite! I do believe the hygienists take too much joy in their work of inflicting pain! She skirts the ice cold water into a...
  4. 28Medic

    Married Service Couples [MSC]

    Hi I am a Reserve Army Med A(NCM), and my husband just went Reg Force Pilot...I am thinking of changing to an Airforce trade once we move just to make things easier on us when we start moving. I like the army way of things but it just might make it simpler and I won't have to travel as far to...
  5. 28Medic

    BMQ - 24 Hour Pass

    Wow, that is exciting Shadow Cat! Drive carefully...no speeding! Sunny and high of 17 in Montreal this weekend...doubt you will see any of it though  ;)
  6. 28Medic

    What St-Jean really looks like...

    Hi I did a search on St-Jean to see what the city has to offer and came up with this site that identifies cities by their famous buildings and High-rise Buildings!! Well apparently St-Jean has only ONE building famous or High, and that would be the Mega!  This link shows what the Mega looks...
  7. 28Medic

    Kingston thread - merged

    Jenn Just wondering if you were actually thinking you would move universities while your BF was still training? I may be way off on what you are thinking...so just tell me so! I hope not...remember that you still have to take care of yourself first.  Having been through the university thing and...
  8. 28Medic

    How to get family on board

    Back to constructive ways to break-in your parents: Sometimes a letter is a good way to initially present difficult topics without getting overly emotional in a face-to-face discussion. Most people when first presented with unwelcome information will immediately shut down and will not hear or...
  9. 28Medic

    Third Watch

    I couldn't believe that last night was the final episode...it was a complete shock. It was well done though. Does anyone remember the very first episode? I seem to remember it was similar to the way they did the ending with Sully doing a walk-through narrative of the characters? They did a...
  10. 28Medic

    Employment Opportunities For Spouses- Merged

    There is always the Reserves...the old...."If you can't beat 'em--Join 'em!" There are a lot of nursing students involved in Reserve Medical Units, it can give you some more options if you are planning to follow him around. It could also give you some perspective of what your boyfriend is going...
  11. 28Medic

    Former 28 Medical Company (Ottawa) Members ?

    Shame? Because you went to Carleton I assume, not because of 28? As a U of O graduate, I can understand your shame.
  12. 28Medic

    Former 28 Medical Company (Ottawa) Members ?

    Known as 28 Field Ambulance now, I was just wondering if there were any former members lurking around this site.....
  13. 28Medic

    Biggest Problems for Military Families

    That is good to hear...I am just glad that I will be in Ontario until after our youngest is done with the majority of immunizations (baby shots). As for my daughter, we saw one of the doc's last week and our ENT has already promised to set us up with an paediatric ENT in whatever city we are...
  14. 28Medic

    Personal Items Required by Recruits on BMQ (Reserve)

    I brought a water-proof disposable camera...it was fun to have pics to remember everyone and everything.
  15. 28Medic

    BMQ - 24 Hour Pass

    Someone might want to help me with this...but could Shadow Cat's husband put in a memo ahead of time officially requesting leave for that weekend stating that his wife is coming to St.Jean from Halifax, incurrung travel costs and babysitting etc? I know that memo's and leave can be denied for...
  16. 28Medic

    Moving Spouse after BMQ - Kingston Thread

    Shadow Cat... I hear ya! My husband has been on course for 7 weeks now, he has 8 months of French to do now, then we just don't know what will happen...worse case scenario is him going on to another course in Portage, Manitoba that is 3 months straight.  Second worse case scenario is that we get...
  17. 28Medic

    Question about not being posted...

    Thanks...hope this will be our last non-posting move!
  18. 28Medic

    Question about not being posted...

    This is what I thought, but I was wondering about the situation that aesop081 had. If you are on course and own or rent but have to put stuff into storage...I thought the CF might have some sort of provision for that situation?? Oh well, we are still saving money in the smaller place and it will...
  19. 28Medic

    Question about not being posted...

    Ok it is an unusual subject... Situation...husband left lucrative civi world job to be a reg force pilot. We knew going into this situation that we would probably have to sell our big house with big mortgage if we didn't get a posting right away. He is now in St.jean doing SLT, so no posting...
  20. 28Medic

    Graduation BMQ / accomodation help for families

    Hi I just came back from my dh BOTP grad in St-Jean....we stayed at the Relais Gouverneur hotel right in St-Jean and it was excellent. Good rooms, very clean and the staff was friendly! I was able to get a cheaper DND rate ~$78.00, it has an indoor pool, it was easy to get to off the...