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  1. da1root

    Navy ballcaps in CADPAT

    This finally got changed in 2016 sometime I think...my memory is failing at what year, but it was changed. The CFRG "CWO" (put in brackets cuz they were a CPO) fought for Navy members at CFRG to be allowed to wear their ballcaps. The rule finally got changed and last time I was up in Borden...
  2. da1root

    Applying as a PR

    I was about to close the thread (actually did) and realized that it was actually hijacked. BurmeseRain9 do you have any other questions?
  3. da1root

    direct entry office

    Depends on the occupation that you're joining. Rank upon entry into the CAF can be everything from 2nd Lieutenant (Acting Sub-Lieutenant for the Navy) to to Major (Lieutenant-Commander for the Navy). We'd need to know what occupations you're considering to give you a better answer Progression up...
  4. da1root

    Reserves - Occupational experience and full-time opportunities

    Your friend may want to investigate transferring to the DRSM PRL. For those unaware the DRSM PRL is a "holding unit" for individuals that are on Full Time Class B (multi year contracts) who do not wish to parade with their home units. There are some administrative draw backs to the DRSM PRL...
  5. da1root

    Living abroad for the past 5 years

    There are several items that you will need to provide for that time period including where you lived and where you worked. This is all part of hte background check information. Your recruiter will provide you further details.
  6. da1root

    Issues with online application

    Sometimes glitches with the system happens. There used to be an email where you could reach out to technical support. That should be your first email so that they know there's a problem. With that said, bring a print out of the information that isn't saving properly to your first appointment...
  7. da1root

    FORCE test and interview

    It's part of the security clearance/background check.
  8. da1root

    CFAT length

    Last I knew the CAF website is actually vetted and reviewed by CAF Recruiting Staff. The link to practice the CFAT is done by civilian programmers. Trust the CAF link; but if you are concerned with this, ask your local recruiting Centre as they are the actual authority (i.e. any answers here...
  9. da1root

    Applying as a PR

    Everything you stated here is also required of a Canadian citizen. For someone that has been out of high school for many years; they have to get their high school transcripts on their own accord. Even someone coming in as a Medical Officer has to provide high school transcripts and all...
  10. da1root

    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    I have moved positions; however when I was in Medical Recruiting only specialist nurses were given offers between April and September (i.e. Critical Care, Perioperative, Mental Health)... the General Duty Nursing Officers got offers starting in September. With that said if you send me a message...
  11. da1root

    Opportunities for optometrists

    Just for the sake of clarity on the message thread. Please confirm if you're looking for a uniformed member or if this is going to be a civilian/Calian/BayShore HealthCare contract. Thanks :-)
  12. da1root

    Medics requiring to maintain a license

    This one of the ones that makes me scratch my head. To be eligible for a PLAR to join the CAF as semi-skilled you need the course and a provincial license (within the last 5 years); and all other clinical occupations get funding to renew their licenses. I actually had to turn away a PLAR for a...
  13. da1root

    New Med Tech Training

    I hate reviving old threads, but CFHS Support isn't a very active board and I'd like this information here if anyone else has queries. Reserve Medical Technicians are not eligible to do the QL3. Part of the training for QL3 is PCP for both Regular Force and Reserve Force. Regular Force...
  14. da1root

    Questions before joining

    #1 - as winds stated, having debt isn't necessarily a bad thing or a mark against you. Having "bad" debt is where you will run into issues getting in. People with student loans, car loans, mortgages, etc (i.e. $100,000+ in debt) can join if they are up to date on their payments. But I've...
  15. da1root

    Over 40 to old?

    I did Basic in 1999 (just turned 19) and there were several people who were in their late 30's to mid-40's. Honestly some of them were the best team mates I could've asked for. As much as they were recruits just like me, I'm not sure if I would've make it through basic training without them...
  16. da1root

    Ten year travel history

    Honestly be as truthful as you can. You're not going to get rejected because of an error in dates that is an honest mistake For example if you state you were in New Zealand for work from 5 July 2017 until 15 July 2017; and in reality you were there from the 4th to the 16th your file isn't going...
  17. da1root

    Wanna join the CAF to fight China

    I'm still looking for punked camera's... Don't leave anything out, tell them exactly what you told us!
  18. da1root

    Pre-Security Assessment

    There is information that is put into the security system with your application; a response is then received stating whether you need a pre-security screening or not. Just because you have dual citizenship doesn't mean that you will; however you didn't state what country the dual citizenship is...
  19. da1root

    Are Pashto, Dari, and Arabic still target languages? Civilian contractor versus Canadian military

    This is outside my arcs of expertise... honestly the young male should make an appointment at his closest recruiting centre and speak with a Military Career Counselor
  20. da1root

    Applicant status closed

    You 100% did the right thing by reaching out to the recruiting office. If it is a glitch in the system they should report it up the chain so that it can be looked at, as if your file did that it's probably just "just you".