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  1. BillN

    Past PERs for Retired Members

    I applied for my past PER's several years ago. Not only did I get my past PER's, I also received - without asking - my complete medical file, and another large file containing "general" paperwork, including several old cadet summer camp applications from the 1970's, and all my recruiting...
  2. BillN

    RCAF Ball Cap

    See.....the Good Idea Fairy has already struck!!! Cue a few Sailors having a stroke in a moment...
  3. BillN

    Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

    This caught my eye......"Didulo, based out of Victoria, B.C." I wonder if she wears tweed ??? :cool:
  4. BillN

    Divining the right role, capabilities, structure, and Regimental System for Canada's Army Reserves

    Stu MacDonald was my Social Studies teacher at N Van High......great guy. One of my few teachers who made school interesting.
  5. BillN

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Did anyone expect anything different????
  6. BillN

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Yes, sure looks like it.
  7. BillN

    Rick's Napkin Forces Challenge

    Interesting thread. Even more interesting is that nobody has used, or mentioned CFB Comox in their ideas.
  8. BillN

    Bisley Team - Then and Now

    The website was taken down after the server owner complained the site was getting too big to host, and the Army Cadet league refused to cough up more $$ to keep it running. It's a great shame as 99% of the history on that site was unavailable anywhere else.
  9. BillN

    The New Death of the City

    Colin, I left home in North Van 44 years ago when I joined the Forces........now I can't afford to go home. My last visit was about 3 years ago and I was shocked at the changes, it certainly isn't the quiet place I grew up in. Sad really, I always thought I'd end up back there.
  10. BillN

    Jump wing question. grandfather's uniform

    The silver metal maple leaf was worn over the red maple leaf back in the day before the wings with the white maple leaf were in the system.  It means your granddad was an active jumper and had/was filling a jump position. Hope this helps. Cheers, BillN
  11. BillN

    Harry and Meghan to step down as senior royals

    Is it still the Hon. Clarence Wallace Corps?  Both my nephews were members of that corps....many years ago.
  12. BillN

    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    The RAF Red Arrows have been using Hawks for years, so the Snowbirds should have no issues using them.
  13. BillN

    MBT With 140mm gun

    Hmmm......King Tiger Mk 2  :whistle: ??????
  14. BillN

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    XRoyal..... I believe I read that the branches are numbered by province, not nationally. Cheers, Bill
  15. BillN

    Uniform Identification

    He's wearing the cap badge and collar dogs of the Royal Canadian Signals.  I hope that helps.
  16. BillN

    British Military Current Events

    Available in two sizes at Loblaws in Kingston....the one on Midland Ave.  Mmmmmmm............. :nod:
  17. BillN

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    Recceguy, I couldn't have said it better myself. 
  18. BillN

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    Like many of my veteran friends I will not joint the RCL until the rules on civilian membership are completely re-written.  In my personal opinion as long as this association continues to allow non-veterans to join as members, it cannot be a veterans association.  The same goes for the ANAVETS. 
  19. BillN

    Whither the Royal Canadian Legion? Or RCL Withers?

    I have never been very impressed with my dealings with the RCL.  As a veteran, why would I waste my time joining joining the Legion when 90% of the membership have no idea about what veterans need, want, or require?  And, more to the point, for the most part make no effort to try to understand...
  20. BillN

    British Military Current Events

    Yeah, could have worded that better  [:-[ ..1942 - 1944 in UK. 1944 - 1945 NWE. and 1946 - 1947 in Palestine.