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  1. Pte. Bloggins

    on my way to Shilo for RES BRT...any Res sig op's out there?

    You're in Shilo this summer too, eh...sounds like a lot of people are going this year. I'm there for four months this summer as GD...see you there. Joining 709 eh? Welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll enjoy the unit- there's a great bunch of people here. Don't worry about being the oldest guy...
  2. Pte. Bloggins

    Lt. Turner, Cpl. Dinning, Bdr. Mansell, and Cpl. Payne Killed- April/ 21/ 2006

    RIP My condolences to the family and friends of the fallen.
  3. Pte. Bloggins

    Good Sports Bras

  4. Pte. Bloggins

    Indepth from the Toronto Star

    From the same link: Wow. Just...wow.
  5. Pte. Bloggins

    I got an interview

    If that's the only reason why you're joining...don't join.
  6. Pte. Bloggins

    Random question about an exercise

    I went on ex there last year, it's a pretty good go. I think they had a bus going to Louisville at the end of the ex, I never went cause remember the drinking age down there is 21. Not sure how far away it was from the base.
  7. Pte. Bloggins

    15 years ago today........

    Me too!  ;D
  8. Pte. Bloggins

    Southeast Asia countires restricted for taking leave, are there any?

    According to the AAG we had at the beginning of the year, there is no longer a list of scheduled countries WRT travel, but now if you intend to travel to ANY country outside the United States or Mexico, you have to fill out a 'Notification of Intent to Travel' form (or something like that) and...
  9. Pte. Bloggins

    army reserves BMQ

    Nope :) It would be nice to have it to reg force standards, but my BMQ and SQ were 4 weeks each, same as in the militia, and as far as I know nothing has changed.
  10. Pte. Bloggins

    army reserves BMQ

    Sorry to contradict you, but the Comm Res runs its own recruit school during the summer in beautiful, sunny Shilo. 
  11. Pte. Bloggins

    Sig Op

    Mojo, What JSR op was talking about was getting a posting after completion of training. You are going to Kingston for your QL3 course, (ahem, Sig Op Apprentice course) at CFSCE. JSR (the Joint Signals Regiment) is something different. You can choose to be posted there on completion of your...
  12. Pte. Bloggins

    new to the trade

    Yeah, with HF, instead of being a "ooooh, I can fly," it's more of a "mmm...I smell barbecue!"  ;D
  13. Pte. Bloggins

    Irritations of this Season of Peace

    ^+1 to that. I hate seeing stores that start bringing out Christmas stuff Thanksgiving weekend. I also hate that "Happy Holidays" thing. I wouldn't be offended if someone said "Happy Hannukah" to me, I'd think it was pretty cool that someone was celebrating a different holiday. Why should...
  14. Pte. Bloggins

    weekend BMQ 25 NOV

    I'm not involved with the course but my unit's in the armoury, the instructors are a mix from all the 32 Bde units.
  15. Pte. Bloggins

    Small Gloves

    Thanks for the replies, off to clothing stores I go then.  :)
  16. Pte. Bloggins

    Small Gloves

    Wow. :o That'd be awesome. Could I do that even though I'm just a reservist? Also, does anyone know of any non-issue gloves that come in little sizes? Trying to find a pair of black female work gloves is freakin' hard...it's like they think females don't work. :D Thanks again.
  17. Pte. Bloggins

    Cup Holders should be standard in CF Vehicles (From: Buffalo Mine Protected Vehicle)

    I was just about to say the same thing! Surprisingly (or not) the Line Milcot seems to have retained its cup-holders. Besides, I've always managed to hold my own coffee while driving, except maybe when making sharp turns, and that's where your co-driver comes in. Driving with a Tims should be...
  18. Pte. Bloggins

    new to the trade

    Well you know Des, nothing's stopping you from stuffing a soccer ball down your pants and running down your street. ;)
  19. Pte. Bloggins

    Small Gloves

    Hey everyone, I'm a female with very tiny hands, and have a hard time finding issue gloves that fit. (Even the CADPAT x-small gloves are too big for me.) Only the DEU gloves fit, and those would obviously fall apart in the field. Does anyone know of any gloves out there that would be small...
  20. Pte. Bloggins

    new to the trade

    ^^ :rofl: That's AWESOME.