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    Do all Sig ops land, do SQ?

    lol see you in 4 years if you ever get to batallion
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    Do all Sig ops land, do SQ?

    Brush up on your reading skills cause I never once stated that I didnt like the training. Youre wack if you thought the mess food was good. Either that or you just like everything deep fried and with the same disgusting after taste. Owen Sound  girls smokin? Nah you musta been smokin some of...
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    Do all Sig ops land, do SQ?

    Just to clarify a few things, Meaford is an alright training centre, land wise. It is much better than Farnham in St.Jean. The mess in Meaford tho is terrible. Your 2 meals choices are deep fried or deep fried. Owen Sound is definitely not a hoot. You get kicked out of the bars after 2 drinks...
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    You should remuster to infantry  >:D
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    Unit PT - Best Practices

    Thanks. Is the morning Pt slack or done pretty much the same as battle school
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    I know we've been asking for more advertising of the Canadian Forces...

    They should have infantry soldiers design the recruiting ads, no one will do a better job
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    Unit PT - Best Practices

    Is Pt in batalliion done on your own time or is it done as a platoon/unit. Can you do your own weight lifting program or do you have to do Pt w/ your platoon commander?
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    Stupid question about Basic - Aggression

    If youre going infantry and youre asking this question, I smell a VR. Anyways, being on my DP1 course and seeing alot of people fall out, re-coursed, injured, VR, etc... I can say that yes there is a fair amount of "teasing" picking-on the weaker guys, After all this is the infantry and you are...
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    General Infantry Questions

    When you get to battle school, write a memo stating that you want a re-badge to the PPCLI. Acouple guys in my DP1 are doing it and its going through
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    Lost Bolt, split from Re: Gun stolen from CFB Gagetown

    On my SQ course one guy dropped his gerber into the blue rocket and he had to fish that out as well
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    Videos and clips featuring the Army

    see the Queens York Rangers know how to put a video together...why is it so hard for other ppl?
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    Videos and clips featuring the Army

    Ye seriously, whats with the gay music? When your showing a soldier with a shotgun and soldiers in a LAV, you dont play gay a.s.s. music like that
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    What to send to the boyfriend!

    I actually had a Mcpl find one of my porn mags and "borrow" it for a few days
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    What to send to the boyfriend!

    If you saw how much porn was on our floor during my BMQ it was rediculous, and not 1 person got caught, you just have to smart about certain things. And no your section commander will not be looking through your mail so if you send pics in a letter then theres no way anyone else is going to see...
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    What to send to the boyfriend!

    If you really want to know what to send your bf, what he'll really appreciate the most is nudie pics of you
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    St. Jean BMQ - Inspection photos

    Doing my BMQ right now, week 7, currently at home on weekend leave for thanksgiving. Heres some photos I took just before the Sgt's inspection (btw I passed, we had about 12 fails in our platoon though):
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    Quick Question in regards to BMQ Kit list

    Im on my basic right now in st jean: sewing kit: they give you one you dont need to bring one shoe shine supplies: You can bring some if you want but they have all u need for sale there insoles: yes bring some swiffers: bring some as well youll need them for inspection they help alot doubles...
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    Winter BMQ

    Do they make you shovel snow on base?
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    On this day in history, Aug 24.......

    Tell her I said happy b-day >:D >:D >:D
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    BMQ August 30

    Ye that form took me a hella long time to fill out...I must have re-done the employment section like 3 times QY Rang my flight time is 0830 on the 27th