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  1. PuckChaser

    Signaller Questions

    A Platoon Signaler in an Infantry unit is typically a switched-on Infantry Corporal. It is the absolute simplest of jobs that a Sig Op can do. If you really want to be Infantry with a radio, then be Infantry and ask to be the signaler.. With the state of the Sig Op trade, the lowest possible...
  2. PuckChaser

    military lawyer

    I think you need to fill out your Psychiatric Assessment form first....
  3. PuckChaser

    job with the CAF ?

    JTF XXX is 15 times better than JTF2.
  4. PuckChaser

    US Navy platformed ‘drag queen influencer’ to attract youth to the military in hiring crisis

    Theyre probably upset that this whole debacle has lost them market share to their main rival Dasani.
  5. PuckChaser

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Ironically, if you placed both Renaissance Art and a loaded firearm together on a porch without human interaction, they would statistically have the same chance of taking a human life.
  6. PuckChaser


    You're right, I do have a compensation model. It's not being followed. PSAC would have a stroke if TBS and CMP announced tomorrow that all CAF members would be making the promised 15% pay above public servant equivalents. They'd have another temper tantrum in 4 years time and demand pay equity...
  7. PuckChaser


    They were striking for us, so do we get the $2500 payment too? They probably forgot to bring the CAF members up in the negotiations I guess.
  8. PuckChaser


    Non-paywall version (not identical but shows the blockade), but I heard it's fake news anyways that picketers aren't following the rules and are being aggressive. https://globalnews.ca/news/9653319/striking-psac-workers-block-off-access-to-cfb-kingston-amid-stalemate/
  9. PuckChaser


    But they're dicking us around for our benefit guys!!!!
  10. PuckChaser


    Theyre not getting 13%. TBS offered 9%, which is 1% less than we got. Even if they meet in the middle, getting dicked around by folks who are never around when I'm still at work past 4 is not worth 1%. I'll spend more on gas idling trying to get to work for the next few weeks. Maybe this is...
  11. PuckChaser


    They are now completely closing down access to major military bases (CFB Kingston is the first I've seen confirmed). At what point do they realize they have to work with the rest of the Defense Team that wears uniforms, who are actually ordered to stay neutral in this entire situation?
  12. PuckChaser


    Strange, I didn't see any of that presented as justification at the inquiry. But I guess building a strawman is easier that seeing inconvienent parallels.
  13. PuckChaser


    Also playing loud music and using megaphone in downtown Ottawa. Is the Emergencies Act just for people with bouncy castles?
  14. PuckChaser


    If PSAC was fighting for us, we wouldn't have lost severance pay. If PSAC was fighting for us, PLD would have been an issue for them a decade ago. If PSAC was fighting for us, they'd be insisting military members have pay parity PLUS 15% military factor, instead of having a stroke when a...
  15. PuckChaser

    2023 Canadian Armed Forces General and Flag Officer senior promotions and appointments

    I quickly counted 2019's CANFORGEN, there were about 40 promotions on that message.
  16. PuckChaser

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    My initial thought based on just the info provided is he's not graduated either BMQ or DP1. Many moons ago I was not authorized to draw DEU as a reservist until I had completed QL3.
  17. PuckChaser

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Coming back to work for you is going to be like the guy waking up in Idiocracy. Culture shock incoming...
  18. PuckChaser

    Fighter pilot requirement ( Bachelor degree)

    Considering both of those countries have signed deals to buy the F-35, I'm betting the US wouldn't be super concerned. It will complicate your security clearance process, though.
  19. PuckChaser

    RCAF Reserve - Capability-Based Recruiting

    Your trade doesn't need an officer equivalent. A Sig O/CELE with some training can function in the managerial/policy oversight capacity while Cyber Ops have the actual technical ability with the 1s and 0s. This is common throughout the CAF where officers can specialize early in their career in a...
  20. PuckChaser

    Future Helicopters

    You forgot one thing: The current budget has almost no additional dollars for the CAF. Crtical operational deficits are being fixed over a period of 14 years. We're not going to get into the ground floor of anything, we'll be trying to rent a room in a building that's being torn down.