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  1. crooks.a

    Calling a Room to Attention

    Hello, So I've heard this done a few ways and I would like the input of some Reg/Res Force members to see what is the official way to call a room to attention when a senior officer enters, or when you want the members to stop talking. I've heard the following used: "ROOM" "GROUP" "ROOM...
  2. crooks.a

    Feature Requests

    Doing that would require a bit of work (10,000 lines of code of work), but we could have all URLs redirect via HTTP_HOST. This might be a Facebook API issue, though. I'll take a look in to it this weekend (finally have freed up my schedule!).
  3. crooks.a

    Problems and Bugs

    The medal that is supposed to be "Morale Reaches -400" actually reads "Morale Reaches 400", and I can obtain it with -320 Morale.
  4. crooks.a

    Problems and Bugs

    Let the page fully load -- not just AO, but the advertisements on the right side of the page and chat bar at the bottom. Once the entire page loads, switching locations should be fine.
  5. crooks.a

    Problems and Bugs

    MJP: You probably added a couple of extra zeros. If you try to apply more merit points than you have, then it will just add all of your Merit Points (which must have been 219).
  6. crooks.a

    Cpl Steve Martin Killed in Afghanistan - 18 Dec 2010

    Link to Article Canadian soldier dies in Kandahar "A Canadian soldier died Saturday when an improvised explosive device went off while he was on foot patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Cpl. Steve Martin, 24, was a member of the Royal 22nd Regiment from the Canadian Forces base in Valcartier...
  7. crooks.a

    Can you say Addicted?!

    An update should be eventually made that increases opportunities for us higher level folk. I would imagine it would be a global update, so more Int targets, level 6 medals, more missions, etc.
  8. crooks.a

    what qualifications do you have?

    Multiple CLI badges are "stacked" on top of each other with 1cm spacing. They remain on the right arm. It looks kind of ridiculous, but that's the regulation. Coincidentally, that's what I had to do with my D&C (2009), and Rifle Coach (2010) badges. CATO 46-01 Annex D states this as follows...
  9. crooks.a

    Anti-Cheating Controls

    I believe that it is technically possible to exploit this to achieve infinite levels or more (really anything you click...). Fortunately, I made a quick script that will disable buttons after they are clicked once. It should be in effect tomorrow if all works out.
  10. crooks.a

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    Well, for them "Je suis canadienne" but it's all the same.
  11. crooks.a

    Could WW2 military growth be repeated today?

    If we needed to repeat the same level of military growth, then I wouldn't doubt that the US would be involved, thus drafting troops (and as a result, not being able to spare any weapons).
  12. crooks.a

    Feature Requests

    The only way I could see it implemented is if it does not affect daily challenges or medals.
  13. crooks.a

    Top 5 lists?

    Ok, well the MilPoint bonus will have to be checked off with the boss, but I'll work on the sorting portion over the next little bit.
  14. crooks.a

    Feature Requests

    You would be able to switch merit points around to best suit your needs whenever you wanted. You would be able to switch merit points to achieve daily challenges or medals and then change it back to your gameplay style.
  15. crooks.a

    Top 5 lists?

    I can definitely make it so you can choose to sort the roster by Officer, NCO, or both. But.... What exactly would you want done here? A MilPoint bonus for each daily leader?
  16. crooks.a

    Lawsuit could make designated drivers liable for intoxicated passengers

    The new addition is definitely ridiculous. The people killing others because of drunk driving will not be the ones driving around at <0.08. The law is not going to discourage the alcoholics from drinking (the old one didn't), all it is going to do is prevent the law-abiding citizens from going...
  17. crooks.a

    Recent additions

    Today, the following features were added to Afghan Operations: 1. "Conduct Mission Again" button; and 2. Bonus 200 MilPoints for completing all of the daily challenges for a day. I have been planning a new feature as well, and I need some help from you guys to implement it. If somebody could...
  18. crooks.a

    High Value Mission completion.

    Something to add: The insurgency level in your Area of Operations will not stay below 20% once it is there, but will gradually rise if you let it sit. Once the insurgency level reaches 0%, it will no longer rise (or is 'locked down').
  19. crooks.a

    Meteoric climb = done

    My meteoric climb was highly successful. I managed to bump my Max CR from 500 to 1280, AtD from 250 to 690, and Initiative from 5 to about 150. That got me about 40 ranks and around 70,000 Int overall.
  20. crooks.a

    Nerds in the forces

    ...there are 0x00000002 types of people in this world. Those who understand hex and those who did math instead and concluded that there are actually 0 types of people in this world.