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  1. HercFE

    All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

    If it is it has been held close as there has been no rumors of this on the legacy side of the house. I don't know if there is even the man power in trade to handle the J fleet right now.
  2. HercFE

    CH 147 Backenders (FE/LM) Debate

    I have been watching this  thread for a while and have held my tongue in check as not to infer my personal feelings. My belief is the FE trade needs to under go a huge paradigm shift. We are no longer a person in the cockpit that manages fuel and pressurization. We are now airborne operations...
  3. HercFE

    what to do to be FE

    First of all let me clarify something the FE trade is NOT being phased out. it is how ever under going some big changes. If you are still in Borden and have not recieved a posting message , push for a unit that currently has FEs (not fighters). There is a move a foot to lower the rank level...
  4. HercFE

    2010 Airshow Season Thread

    Then why does it say "No Step" on the bottom of the Aurora eng. ;D
  5. HercFE

    All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

    CDN  Aviator is correct, you can work on any airframe and be taken into the trade. That been said there is a move afoot to to train techs on an airframe and then keep them on the same aircraft as as FEs(including the Hec and Aurora). There is no time line or training plan for this yet, still in...
  6. HercFE

    Rations, Meal Halls ect... Merged

    Years ago (several) I was in your situation, same Sqn, same quarters, same problem. I had a box lunch delivered with the aircrew meals. It work out pretty good except for the few times my box lunch was "accidentally" eaten by someone else.
  7. HercFE

    Rations, Meal Halls ect... Merged

    That's funny our Sqn works off the Treasury board rates, the only exception is late night meals which require receipts. Also if we land after meal ours at home with no on-route stops we have to provide a receipt which we are reimbursed for actual cost. Any other time on TD we get the full...
  8. HercFE

    The Haiti Super Thread- Merged

    There is no way a C17 will get into Jacmel, that runway is at the max limit for the Herc. In fact alot of stuff that is being brought in is going to have to stay there. There is a road at one end and buildings and rising terain at the other, so no way to exend it. Both ends have tall trees at...
  9. HercFE

    The Haiti Super Thread- Merged

    There was a recce done yesterday with a CC-130 at Jacmel, the runway is 3200 feet. with the high tempertues here it is very sporty. Fuel and cargo calculation will be very critical.
  10. HercFE

    seeking advice if it's worth to join with current situation

    Acidcambit, I would wait if I was you. At least finish your CARS exams. The time you spend working on mil aircraft does not count towards your hours for your CARS. In the airforce we do not use the CARS. we have our own system of air worthiness that is not recognized on civi street (yet). Get...
  11. HercFE

    CH47 Chinook

    No word yet on were they will be based? Last word a year ago or so was possibly Bagotville.
  12. HercFE

    All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

    Those who are currently FEs will always be FEs, The new guys may be called something else. I only think this model will work on the J Hercs and C-17 and maybe the new SAR A/C. The Helo guys take a lot of time and effort to upgrade I don't think it would be wise to send them back to the floor...