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  1. infantryian

    Course Claim

    Likely at some point shortly before or after your graduation you were given a folder with a significant amount of paperwork including things like flight information, Route Letter and Attendance Report, etc. I would just bring it all if you are unsure exactly what they want. If you can't find...
  2. infantryian

    Prince Harry arrives in Afghanistan to begin tour of duty

    Sets a true example for the commonwealth. All I can say is... 'Happy Huntin', Harry"
  3. infantryian

    BMQ Question - Trying to hard?

    I think that you maybe have misinterpreted what you were told. You don't want to slack off, but don't want to stick out like a sore thumb. Being noticed because you are good at PT is okay. Being noticed because your bunk looks better than your buddy's is not. The difference there being "how come...
  4. infantryian

    Introducing Maintenance

    Are there any plans to introduce a maintenance medal as per the other stats. ie) 100 maintenance, get +15 combat readiness for 24 hrs type thing.
  5. infantryian

    Problems and Bugs

    I don't know if its an ongoing issue, but I have recently completed the Clean Up All Traces of a Cross Border Operation in South Waziristan. I received the Sad Panda message, but I think that it allowed me to complete the mission without deducting any CR.
  6. infantryian

    Combat Engineer reserve unit locations?

    There are also the Saskatchewan Dragoons in Moose Jaw which isn't all that far away if you were looking for something else.
  7. infantryian

    Good .22 for practice

    Those pictures certainly do look cool. I don't see how it could be legal to have it automatic (I'm assuming). Good to know that the 10-22 was pretty much unanimously recommended. The one thing that I was wondering is about the grip. Does the grip make much of a difference in practice, or are...
  8. infantryian

    Good .22 for practice

        I am looking for more range time than I get, but have just gotten my PAL so I have no experience on various rifles or brands. My wife is a little gun shy and she was hesitant about me getting a .22, I don't think I would be able to convince her to let me get anything larger. There were a...
  9. infantryian

    Reserve University Reimbursement Program

    If I understand your post correctly, you are planning on spreading out one year of classes over two years. The $2000 per year isn't a baseline, but rather it is half of your tuition to a maximum of $2000 per year. If you are paying $3000 per year out of your pocket over $6000 in one year, then...
  10. infantryian

    BMQ army vs. BMQ navy

    My personal recommendation would be to complete BMQ-L, and then decide whether or not the Navy would be a better fit. BMQ-L is when you learn all the fun army specific things such as field living vs. the general CF instruction that is given during the PRes army BMQ. You will have more of a taste...
  11. infantryian

    BMQ tips/tricks

    I brought a ghost kit, but I didn't end up using it. I found that it took more time to switch out my kit than to just clean up what I had used. It did come in handy when people on my course didn't think they needed things such as shampoo so neglected to purchase it. Then you can help them out by...
  12. infantryian


    I ended up buying the gift set that has the Oban 14, Glenkinchie 12, and Dalwhinnie 15. For anyone still interested, however, I found this map to help find similar flavours.
  13. infantryian


    Haha, I was thinking it, but just didn't want to say it.
  14. infantryian


    Where is the do mission again/train again/etc. I don't have those buttons that are oh so useful... especially when training equipment so I dont need to scroll down a few hundred items to find the one I want to train again.
  15. infantryian


    Wow thanks for the replies, more helpful than I could have imagined. Some of you really know your scotch. Not quite sure, it is just what I've always seen in his liquor cabinet.
  16. infantryian


        Hopefully there are more than a few scotch drinkers on this site. I am looking for a nice scotch to purchase for my father for Christmas. I'm fairly certain that he usually drinks Glenfiddich 12 year, but I can't stand the stuff and have no idea where to begin. I tried googling, but it was...
  17. infantryian

    Best "Guy" Movies of All Time

    I'm really shocked that no one has mentioned Die Hard. I even liked Die Hard with a Vengeance. I may also catch a little flack for this one, but I would say Marley and Me. It won't have explosions or car chases, but it is a pretty good movie about man's best friend. A must for a dog lover.
  18. infantryian


    For training a lot on one thing there is a Firefox add-on called Reload Every which can do essentially that. You'd be surprised how quickly 1k CR will be depleted when its set to reload every second.
  19. infantryian


    Personally I preferred the old interface with no pop-up that has all the requisite information in the AO display. I thought it was sleeker and allowed for one to see their appropriate stats before deciding whether or not to conduct the mission again.
  20. infantryian

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    http://www.ckom.com/story/saskatoon-man-awarded-pilot-rescue/31920 In April a plane crashed on a Saskatoon road, the news reported that a CF member, who happened to be driving past when he saw it happen, was the first responder on the scene. This was now published. Click the link to see...