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    Enrollment standard with Sleep Apnea

    I also did weight watchers as well as support to friend getting married one fall. I loved the point systems and their program guides which make portioning easy to remember and follow- ie a deck of card is a portion of meat, a half a tennis ball is a serving of rice/cereal ect. You could also...
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    Outdoor Gear Thread

    so true on the bora- $375 isnt that much..i might see if one day I can get to their factory outlet in Squamish...it might be cheaper. I am also 5'10" and managed to get a Gregory diva 60 and a Black diamond Innova 60 as well. my torso is short so I can fit into the woman's pack with the Innova...
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    Outdoor Gear Thread

    How do you like your jetboil? In my last months while working at MEC, I was looking at them and considering the possibilities of that stove. I have wanted a dragonfly for years and at some point i will get one.  I also have to say you own my dream pack. I have always wanted a pack from the...
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    What's the Dumbest Thing You've SEEN Today?

    I heard that Avril Levigne and Chad Kruger of Nickleback were getting married...that seemed kind of dumb to me.
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    Easiest officer trade to get into?

    I am with the others- pick something you are interested in not something easy to get into. Also look at the NCM roles- perhaps they have something you would like doing or ofter you a skill that you could use or see your self doing post military. You are possibility signing up for a contract...
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    Problems and Bugs

    I have been having the same issues yesterday for the afternoon and again this morning. It did it a few days ago so I left it alone and it worked again. I too also hit like and after that I had issues with the game.  How did you fix if you got it to work again. also thank for you creating a game...
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    Graduate Studies / Master Degree / PhD [MERGED]

    I was looking at doing the same thing a year ago however I don't have the marks to get a masters and I have a BA from U of A already. I wanted to do another BA in military science.  However that being said from the research on RMC- I can't get another BA. They will not grant you a degree with...
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    Military Swim Test - When, Where, and How- Merged

    The lifesaving society does a swim test/program called Swim To Survive in which swimmers enter the water using a roll (either forward, side or backward), tread water 2 minutes and swim 50 m. their logic behind making usually kids do a roll is that is disorients them similar fashion to falling...
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    Technology that can help you reach your goals.

    I totally love my fitness pal. i don't use the app as I don't have a smart phone but it was the cheapest way of doing the old weight watchers program.  I also found it easier to use then spark people. I have lost weight using it and my friend lost 30 bls. There is another app/fitness site that...