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  1. J

    Introducing Maintenance

    Just found a bug with the system. I failed a mission (losing 3 items in the process) and now my "120x 5.56mm Ball" is at -1. So it seems for consumables, the mission removes them, but the maintenance also removes them and you can hit negatives! :(
  2. J

    Afghan Ops Game Mechanics FAQ

    Just noticed a small mistake: I think there was a mistake in one of the calculations in that quote. With an ATD of 150 shouldn't it be 250:850 (100+150 : 1000-150)? It would give the following: "So if you have an ATD of 10, your odds are 110:990 (11.1%), and if you have an ATD of 150, your...
  3. J

    L'armée des souverainistes

    Il faudrait pas non plus oublier que dans cette "mer" d'anglophones il y a plusieurs communautés francophones qui sont souvent oubliés par les gens du Québec. Il y a même un court métrage qui touche ce sujet, une franco-ontarienne à Québec pour la St-Jean-Baptiste, fête des franco-canadiens...
  4. J

    Discrepancy regarding reserve officer salary

    Thanks for the link, that PDF should be updated! So as I understand it, the rate of pay for a DEO (completed degree) would be the same as for a student completing his/her degree in the RESO program?
  5. J

    Discrepancy regarding reserve officer salary

    That's what I suspected. I got "Direct Entry" from hovering the mouse pointer over "A" (in the "Entry Plan" column) the mouse-over text says that. Thank you for the clarification.
  6. J

    Discrepancy regarding reserve officer salary

    Hmm perhaps its a display problem on my end? (Although I have tried different browsers) I will copy paste the specific info. (Looking at Second Lieutenant Pay Scale) On the webpage it gives me: A (Direct Entry) 103.50 107.80 113.02 116.96 While on the PDF it indicates: DEO 131.56 135.46...
  7. J

    Discrepancy regarding reserve officer salary

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could clarify info about reserve officer salary on the website. More specifically on the webpage itself http://www.forces.ca/en/page/payscales-131#officersreserve-2 there are 3 classes A "Direct Entry", B "Former NCM Service (Corporal and above)" and C...