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  1. CountDC

    Federal Govt to sell several NCR properties

    Those locations have high market value and the government doesn't care about our commuting.
  2. CountDC

    17-year old Pre-BMOQ: How can I get ready for the CAF appearance standards???

    Fitness I agree fully with and was at my most fittest when I joined which still wasn't enough to keep from feeling the pain. Don't just do cardio though - endurance was a big part for us. Holding positions such as push ups and chin ups at different points (full up, half up, quarter up) with or...
  3. CountDC

    Federal Govt to sell several NCR properties

    is that government defined Affordable Housing? You know, the other term they like to use for it is market value.
  4. CountDC


    Wasn't this the Liberals plan when they bought into it?
  5. CountDC

    Motorcycle police chase

    They cut the line a Tim Horton's.
  6. CountDC

    Ukraine - Superthread

    That's the way I was taught. Wound the first man hopefully taking him out of combat then wait for his friends to try and rescue him.
  7. CountDC

    CAF Sexual Misconduct PR War- Swerved Into a Mess Discussion

    Imagine it is called "SAD" Soldiers Appreciation Dinner. With the way things have gone SAD is a suitable name. I hope I misunderstand what you are saying. The mess manager decided to close the satellite and keep it closed? Not a mess manager call. If it was losing money then the...
  8. CountDC

    New Crown

    I will never have one with the rules for getting passports. Three Generations of family born in Canada and service in military but can't get a passport because you need two witnesses to confirm who you are. We tend to stick to ourselves these days so no witnesses available anymore. I...
  9. CountDC

    NYC subway passenger dies after another puts him in a headlock

    Waiting to see what the real facts are if they ever come out. Have seen timings of 15 minutes from one person but another witness on the train supposedly said it was more like a minute, Like everyone else haven't seen a full video so it will depend a lot on witness accounts. For...
  10. CountDC

    NYC subway passenger dies after another puts him in a headlock

    Surprised that no one has mentioned the lengthy criminal record including violence or the alleged threat of violence at the time. All that has been mentioned was one witnesses supposed statement that supports the narrative the press wants out there.
  11. CountDC

    Full time position in Trail, BC

    Do they still test the land and air on a regular basis and give free vacuum's? Trail does have a long history of pollution from the smelter which was kind of hands off as the only real employer in the area. National Observer, Ainslie Cruickshank, March 1st, 2021...
  12. CountDC

    PSAC Strike over (Pay Implications?)

    Yep, despite the sell job of the first being an adjustment with the latter increase based on PSAC settlement on top I believe at best we will see a small adjustment to bring it all in alignment. Be happy to be proven wrong though.
  13. CountDC


    That's it? Really the way people have talked I would have expected everything to be a lot higher. Only 5 more days off and 8.5% more pay. LOL. Funny that is what I have told people out there complaining about how much the government employees get. Took 6 months for us to complete a...
  14. CountDC

    Public Service Reserve Leave Requests

    In my dealing with it there was no memo, there was form that the PS initiated and the unit signed off on. At that time mbrs had options - PS pay during the week days for a set period (2 weeks?) and res pay for weekends or just the res pay for the entire period. Linking the incidentals on a...
  15. CountDC

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Wooden tanks worked in WW2. One of the tricks Allies used.
  16. CountDC


    gotta admit I don't even remember a strike in 2004. Getting too old
  17. CountDC


    I get it, we all know the union isn't really fighting directly for the military benefits and some even resent what we get but the system we have now links us to them so yes I will support their strike out of my own greedy thinking that if politicians can give themselves a massive increase we can...
  18. CountDC


    Mostly. there were a few instances of conflict that happened in 2001 too such as the fight at Stad main gate.
  19. CountDC


    Weathers getting nice. Cycling and walking are usually quicker.
  20. CountDC


    yep but need the PSAC members on board. In the past it was a bit weird somethings that happened. Shearwater had some military members change into civilian dress and hold the picket signs at lunch time to give their civilian co-workers a break. Stadacona had at least one military member and...