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  1. medicineman

    Story of Pte Michelle Norris MC

    Interesting story about at young British Medic in Iraq in 2006. MM
  2. medicineman

    Retired Special Forces Medic Receives Medal of Honor For Actions in Vietnam War

    BZ to Capt (Ret) Rose...then Sgt Rose at time of actions that resulted in the awarding of the MoH. https://www.army.mil/medalofhonor/rose/ MM
  3. medicineman

    WO (Ret'd) Dave Callum, PA CFHS

    I just heard today that Dave Callum passed away a few days ago in Saskatoon due to an accident in his home.  I worked for Dave in Calgary at 1 Fd Amb in the early 90's, then ran into him again periodically throughout my Reg Force career.  Found this on Facebook...
  4. medicineman

    How the Navy treats its kids ... er, sailors (From: Re-Royalization)

    Funny you used the term adults...since we were actually treated that way, vice units elsewhere...including my own Mothership.  I figured that after 20 something years of service and a Crown on my uniform that I was no longer a Private but was soon mistaken  ::). MM
  5. medicineman

    Things not to ask (or say) in the Recruit Medical Threads

    After what seems to be a perpetuity of answering questions, often which are the same, often with exactly the same answer, I think it's time to add this little thread in here to try and capture some of the common "What if's...?" and general answers to those. 1.  "What is my Vision Category with...
  6. medicineman

    Pity teachers can't do this anymore...

    Instructor getting a little annoyed with a student... http://video.ca.msn.com/watch/video/student-gets-an-eraser-to-the-face/2jv0azcg?from=en-ca-infopane Enjoy  ;D MM
  7. medicineman

    National Physician Assistant Day

    For those who were not informed (a few it would seem), tomorrow is National Physcian Assistant Day.  As the vast majority of the PA's practicing in Canada are or were military, I felt I should put a little announcement up here so that folks would be able to acknowledge those still serving and...
  8. medicineman

    NZ SAS - First Among Equals

    A cool doc about 1 NZSAS from selection to deployment...if you think PT is hard, you'll likely hurl just watching the selection phase.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPQ6OFG8ZnU MM
  9. medicineman

    3-08 Medics

    Found this on You Tube last night - brought a tear to my eye...a few familiar faces of people that work for me now or did previously.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h79c0H8xDYg MM
  10. medicineman

    Counting Down the Days

    Well, my PA course is just shy of a month until Phase 3 - aka: End Game. The past 2 years have been an absolute blur of being fed by a fire hose and then regurgitating and re-regurgitating information and finding out how little I knew and conversely how much I did all at the same time.  We lost...
  11. medicineman

    World's worst music videos

    Well I started one about oldy van mouldies and has beens, one about Canadian music, and as I've kinda started a spew fest with the Celine Dion trying to AC/DC vid, I decided to start a thread dedicated to causing/exacerbating PTSD amonst the membership.  So please, send us your worst.  I'll...
  12. medicineman

    To make up for that really nasty one I did yesterday....

    Hey folks, me agian.  To make up for my heinous crime yesterday, I bring you COPS - Star Wars Style (in time for the 30th Anniversary). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc9DmLc93ow&NR=1 Cheers. MM
  13. medicineman

    This is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong

    Just watch this - need I say more?  BTW - Gravol prior might be in order. http://youtube.com/watch?v=FONt47Z0KZg MM
  14. medicineman

    National Music

    Hi again folks.  Since that last music thread I started took off quite nicely, I thought I'd through a new one to the wind and see what happens.  This time, let's just stick to Canadian music - new, old, oldish, comedy, rock, whatever. Let's start with some levity firt.  I decided to start with...
  15. medicineman

    Please tell me there is someone out there that remembers these dudes...

    Found this for fans of early 80's Canadian bands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHRfyG48yn4. Enjoy. MM
  16. medicineman

    29 May 06: 5 Canadians Wounded in Afghanistan

    http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2006/05/29/1603457-cp.html KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (CP) - Five more Canadians were wounded and narrowly escaped more serious injury when a Taliban rocket hit their armoured vehicle near two open ports during an ambush early Monday in ongoing fighting in...
  17. medicineman

    Canadian medics aid Afghan village

    http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2006/03/24/1503818-cp.html Canadian medics aid Afghan village By MURRAY BREWSTER     GHANI KALACHAH, Afghanistan (CP) - A team of Canadian army medics practised some health-care diplomacy Friday by setting up a temporary clinic in this sun-baked, dirt...
  18. medicineman

    Med Tech Retention

    I think at one point or another, anyone who has been a medic longer than lunchtime have looked in the mirror and gone "WTF am I doing this to myself for??!!"  If you haven't, you've been self-medicating a bit too much.  I'm hoping to stimulate some ideas for keeping the new troops in and...