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    Help Wanted - Edmonton

    Looking for work? Miss going away and living in cozy camps? Small crew settings and outdoor work? Unity of purpose? My boss here in Edmonton is looking for some smart, fit, motivated, field heat treating technician trainees who can 'play well with others'. Training is OJT. Overtime is likely...
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    As of One Minute Ago, I am Now Retired

    7 Jan 71 - 15 Dec 14.
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    PUHLEMS Profile

    This was the old Canadian Army medical category assessment. Replaced by Medical Catagory (V CV H G O A). So, what does PUHLEMS stand for?
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    Burnaby Mountain Cowardice

    Can anyone identify the masked puke who called a female RCMP officer a "f*cken coward". I think he needs to be famous. Watch the clip on Sun News TV.
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    Looking to contact Rene Bischof(f)?, 6 FES, Vancouver, Basic Para Serial 7501/2

    Looking to contact Rene Bischof(f)?, 6 FES, Vancouver, Basic Para Serial 7501 or 7502.  He took slides of CABC. Film was given to MCpl Nash Harb (RIP) who gave them to a student on 7503/4 who gave them to me in 1978. I still have them and want to return the slides.
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    The Justice Industry Sidelines a Big 'Earner'

    Leo Teskey has been declared a dangerous offender.  Teskey, who beat a landlord into a vegetative state, shot a cop in the back of the head and tore the penis off a two year-old boy may never see freedom again: maybe. This came about after long delays and procrastination by the justice industry...
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    Small Arms Training Before Deployment

    I have no doubt that you, Dear Reader, will arrive fully trained in the handling of the Small Arms the People of Canada have entrusted to your care. That being the case, you may wish to find humour in the self-inflicted misery of others who have taken a more cavalier approach to their own...
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    Vietnam War Draftdodger Meets His Natural End

    http://news.sympatico.msn.ctv.ca/abc/home/contentposting.aspx?isfa=1&feedname=CTV-TOPSTORIES_V3&showbyline=True&date=true&newsitemid=CTVNews%2f20090720%2ffugitive_shot_090720 - Joseph Henry Burgess, an American Draft Dodger who became a Canadian murderer, died in a gun battle with LEOs in...
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    Dear Parents: Your Son Was a Drug Addict Before He Joined The CF, Not Just After

    I am sick and tired of all of the moaning and dripping and slamming of the CF in the media for not being supportive of those of us who snap under the various pressures in life.  Guess what folks: Your kid was broken when we got him.  You raised him - you bloody well own up to it. How do we...
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    So, You Want to Boycott Israel?

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    WW1 Veteran's Legacy Not Good Enough for Old Enemies

    - Howard Green, an officer in the 54th bn, CEF, and a Cabinet Minister (Foriegn Affairs) in the Diefenbaker Government was to have had a federal building in BC named after him.  Then this: http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/story.html?id=6e011ea6-2725-41b6-b720-40fbc3bfdfbf - Perhaps we...
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    Dark Cloud/Silver Lining: Recruiting in a Recession

    - I am of the opinion that the current economic climate may cause a lot more of our nation's quality youth to consider the Canadian Forces as a viable career choice.  Get ready to see even more Degree'd C9 gunners. - Good news for us, right?
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    What Will Be In Our Buy-Out Packages?

    - After PM Dion takes the helm, he may be somewhat constrained in the legislative department, but there is MUCH that can be done on the regulatory side of things that does not require the approval of Parliament (example: gun owners beware!).  - As far as the military goes, the socialists will...
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    Constable Zahara Lucks Out With A Female Judge

    Judge: Mountie's meltdown just a blip Monday, February 12, 2007 at 16:23 PUBLICATION:  The Chronicle-Herald DATE:  2007.02.08 SECTION:  Front PAGE:  A1 BYLINE:  Beverley Ware; Patricia Brooks Arenburgstaff Reporters ILLUSTRATION: Const. Adree Zahara was placed on probation for a...
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    Can't Give Blood - Too Much Time On The Rhine

    - Today, having checked the box for "Over five years in Western Europe since 1980", I was surprised to learn that acording to Health Canada, I can no longer give blood, as there is no effective pre-screening for Mad Cow/CJD. - Given that the combined Mil and Civ population in CFE was about...
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    CBC's Heather Mallick shows her True Form

    An over the top - even for the Communist Broadcorping Castration - piece of dirt: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/09/05/f-vp-mallick.html Jonathan Kay's response...
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    North American Refining Capacity - Eggs All In One Basket?

    - Everytime a hurricane whomps the gulf coast, the price of gas goes nuts.  My solution: build that planned Alberta crude pipeline to Superior Wisconsin and then build an extension to Thunder Bay.  Build a MODERN refinery in Thunder Bay.  No hurricanes (only Hurricanes ever seen in Thunder Bay...
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    PUBLICATION: The Ottawa Sun   DATE: 2005.06.06   EDITION: Final   SECTION: Comment   PAGE: 14   SOURCE: BY PETER WORTHINGTON, TORONTO SUN STIFF UPPER LIP BEATS GRIEF COUNSELLING When Andre Marin was the military ombudsman --before becoming Ontario's ombudsman last month...
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    Canadian perceptions of America, from: Canadian Public Opinion Polls on Afghanistan

    - Your first five paragraphs bemoan the misconceptions about our foreign policy, then your last paragraph promotes a common misconception about American foreign policy. - I shake my head at how little the average Canadian knows about the USA.
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    Are We Making The Most Of Our Supp List?

    - I just spoke to a friend on the Supp List who is convinced that no concerted effort is being made to milk them for their experience and slot them onto tours.  One would think that at this point - when we are stripping PRes units of badly needed pers to fill the CFTPOs - that it might be a good...