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  1. medaid

    Shooting rampage at Fort Hood

    Which implies that the MP soldiers who work at Leavenworth are unprofessional and would allow their own personal feelings outweigh their duty. I sincerely hope you're wrong.
  2. medaid

    Head Dress Policy

    Why do you care that much? It's a freaking hat (beret). Put it on, take it off in the end it's a freaking hat. If it's someone telling you to remove your helmet on the firing line at the range, or advance to contact... that's something you should really worry about.
  3. medaid

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    Think how pretty everyone will look in Garrison though...
  4. medaid

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    It's the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Please don't omit any part of His Noodliness' name.
  5. medaid

    combat service support getting wings?

    Which is fine, assure away, I was merely addressing your point of "never".
  6. medaid

    combat service support getting wings?

    I personally know of one (1) CSS soldier from a reserve SvcBn getting his B Para and was top candidate for his course. I guess that throws your "no chance... at all.. ever." out the window.
  7. medaid

    Tactical Paramedics

    What I find more interesting is that paper is written by a bunch of MDs... no offence to doctors but many of them have no clue about Pre-Hospital Care in general and TEMS operations to be specific. So, I am really curious as to how come no one from the TEMS community actually chimed in on this?
  8. medaid

    MedTech ===> Breacher41

    Was: MedTech Now: Breacher41
  9. medaid

    Proper staff car etiquette with a general on board

    The rule of thumb for ADCs when it comes to the car is this: "Last In, First Out"
  10. medaid

    The Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP)

    ... *sigh* another case of CF equipment stupidity...
  11. medaid

    Cadet FA/ Medical stuff..........

    MM its good to hear from you. We've chatted about this before several times over... uh... one type of brew or another. I've been to both sides of the house, and like the CRC better. Maybe it's just my experience. But for sure, shoot me a PM :).
  12. medaid

    Cadet FA/ Medical stuff..........

    Ugh.... why SJA courses? They are useless outside of the CF... Why not a Red Cross EMR course? Considering it's the standard for EMR certs in many provinces BC, AB etc. The CF Fire Fighters are trained to the CRC EMR standard. You'll be given more in the CRC EMR course and recognized across...
  13. medaid

    Chance of Deployment [Merged]

    That option is available in the PRes world. A Detal Det is part of the Field Ambulance composition. This calls for up to 4/5 Pte/Cpl Dental techs. However, since majority of Field Ambs do not posess the infrastructures to propperly employ a Dental Tech in the PRes world, I would say that this...
  14. medaid

    Wanted - quad rail system.

    Rails are not prohibitted for export from the US. Just letting you know, hence... no hassle.
  15. medaid

    Education Requirements to become a MP or MPO

    Tons... as more students graduate from Criminology BAs, MAs, etc... and looking to get into the LE field of work, more and more are discovering the existence of a LE agency outside of Civilian policing/LE. If you don't meet the education requirements you won't get anywhere. It's a REQUIREMENT.
  16. medaid

    Retired Ghurka Takes on 40 Train Robbers

    Just amazing. Well done to the Nayak.
  17. medaid

    Text message blows up suicide bomber by accident

  18. medaid

    Cmbt CADPAT shirts

    That's because the MTP was designed to be a different cam pattern but not a different cut from their existing uniforms. The US Army IS wearing MultiCam. There is no deviation. It's just made by someone other then Crye Precision, and in the ACU cut.
  19. medaid

    Cmbt CADPAT shirts

    Would like to see pics of said shirts. Preferably shots of it not on the person, and some on.
  20. medaid

    Dick Winters, who inspired 'Band of Brothers,' remembered as an American hero

    R.I.P Sir, you were the example to us all.