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  1. medaid

    MedTech ===> Breacher41

    Was: MedTech Now: Breacher41
  2. medaid

    MP ERD Active Shooter Training

    If you've got info with regards to this course, and would not mind sharing it I would appreciate it greatly. I've been looking into the development into the ERD capability and the active shooter training, but have come up almost empty so far. If you'd like to take it to PM's that would work...
  3. medaid

    Military Police Custodian Course

    Anyone been through the CFMP Custodian Course? If you have could you please shed some light on what's covered in the course and your experiences working as a Custodian at CFSPDB. Current members there or ex Custodians. This is professional curiosity.
  4. medaid


    Probably some of the BEST trailer work I have ever seen for... well.. ANYTHING. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aR57iirmFg - FULL ODST Live action trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWxDhjbYUFM&feature=related - Behind the scenes
  5. medaid

    Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein, Nein!!! Oh yes, yes, yes!

    Ah... for those of us who have yet to enjoy QT's latest blockbuster hit Inglorious Basterds I would highly suggest that you take 3 hrs out of your busy lives, and go to a cinema near you and enjoy it with a large popcorn with extra butter. The movie has your typical QT feel but with a nice...
  6. medaid

    FS:ICE Tactical Gear in MultiCam

    2 x MC Suspenders - $15 each 1 x MC Dump Pouch Large - $25 1 x MC Dump Pouch Small - $15 1 x MC Medium GP Pouch - $15 3 x MC Drop Leg Platform - $25 each PP is preferred. Shipping is $5. Buy multiple items and get shipping reduced. Buy 5 items and I'll throw in a MARPAT shopping bag that you...
  7. medaid

    FS: Boots, Magnum Size 7.5 New

    Brand new Magnum Stealth IIs for sale. Size 7.5 blacks. RSP: $120 Asking: $100 shipped no taxes nothing. Shipped to your door.
  8. medaid

    WTS: RG Relesable Soft/Hard Armour Carrier w/Lvl IIIA Concealment Cut Amour

    Folks, Up for sale is a near brand new condition releasable soft/hard armour carrier. Made by ICE Tactical, and was the prototype to their new RMAC line. This was made for me by ICE, and fits concealment cut police armour, and it will also take SAPI plates. It's sized Med-Lg (I'm a 46 and I...
  9. medaid


    Selling a CF28 Panasonic Toughbook. It's the same type of computers used in police cars, military, and other hard use occupations. Comes complete with unit, fully functional, 600mhz, old floppy drive, excellent screen that digitizes with no problems at all. Loaded with Windows 2000, and fully...
  10. medaid

    An extremely amazing video

    This video found on officer.com depicts a vehicle pursuit after the suspect attempted to ram an officer. The end result as you will see is the driver of the fleeing vehicle being shot repeatedly after attempting to run 1 officer off the hood and escape multiple PCs (police cars). Once again...
  11. medaid

    A Picture of Real Bravery

    There are times when the public does not appreciate the work of LEOs and LEAs. There are times when the public are over critical of the actions of the LEOs, and go as far as suggesting perhaps LEOs are given too much power, thus restricting the freedoms of the everyday citizens. This is further...
  12. medaid

    The Royal Military College Saint-Jean

    So I accidentally stumbled upon this site today, and was wondering if this is to be a separate campus for RMC? A separate RMC in general? Or a Preparatory School for those going to RMC? http://www.cmrsj-rmcsj.forces.gc.ca/index/engraph/home_e.asp I'm a little confused as it says that it's...
  13. medaid

    September 11th

    Once again it is the anniversary of the tragic even that has shaped the world to come for the last 7 years. Let's take a moment to remember those who have fallen in the tragic event, and those of our brothers and sisters who have fallen since that day, both Canadian and Allies alike. Rest In...
  14. medaid

    WTB: OLD Medic Jump Bag

    Remember the days when we all used to complain about how crappy the damn jump bag was? How it was never comfortable unless you did some modifications yourself? Like sewing on a webbing yoke, or just completely putting civi style shoulder straps on it? Well... I miss the old jump packs. I kidd...
  15. medaid

    Soldiers of 39 CBG are you tough enough?

    Soldiers of 39 CBG, are you tough enough? Regardless of any branch, trade, age or sex, do you think you're tough enough to once again participate in training that will push your physical and mental limits? Do you think you have what it takes to be taught the same type of unarmed combat skills...
  16. medaid

    New PCP course provider in BC

    For those of you who are either in the PRes and want to take this course but are frustrated with the wait times at the JI, or are civilians who want to take a PCP course to apply to the CF, I have found a new company that provides the PCP course and is accredited to teach this course to the...
  17. medaid

    Bored Marines...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5DWX7fgh-s for your enjoyment ;D
  18. medaid

    Navy High Collar Whites (Navy Choker)

    For the Gentlemen or soon to be Naval Gentlemen who desires Whites, Summer, High Collar, Navy or however they wish to name it now, you may purchase it here: http://www.uniforms-4u.com/p_service_dress_white_choker_3095.aspx This site may have been one of the best kept secrets around for those...
  19. medaid

    Mess Kit Information For Vancouver

    Like the title states, this is a post to help those who have an interest and need to get mess kits for yourself and you are from a Regiment or Unit in the Lower Mainland. The company that many go to, as they are pretty much the only one here is Claymore Clothes http://www.claymoreclothes.com/...
  20. medaid

    WTB: Int Branch Stable Belt

    Title says it all. I want to get one or possibly two stable belts in CF Int Branch colours. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. If you kno where I could get stable belts made, in case one isn't available, that would also be appreciated. Cheers all!