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  1. PPCLI Guy

    Army.ca Fixture From The Nation's Capital
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    Moderator From Nova Scotia
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  4. Blackadder1916

    Army.ca Veteran From Alberta
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  5. Lumber

    Army.ca Veteran From Still on the coast
  6. dangerboy

    Army.ca Veteran 51 From Orleans, Ont
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  7. SupersonicMax

    Army.ca Veteran From North America
  8. MJP

    Army.ca Fixture
  9. FSTO

    Army.ca Veteran From Ottawa ON
  10. Halifax Tar

    Army.ca Fixture From PERSEC
  11. Dana381

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  12. Furniture

    Army.ca Veteran From Ottawa
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  13. WLSC

    Full Member From Montréal
  14. JRBond

    New Member From Halifax
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  15. GAP

    Army.ca Legend From Winnipeg
  16. ringo

  17. Stoker

    Army.ca Veteran
  18. shiska

    New Member From Winnipeg
  19. suffolkowner

    Army.ca Veteran
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  20. MTShaw

    Full Member From British Columbia

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