Author Topic: New documentary: "Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan"  (Read 6897 times)

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From the production company's website:

Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan

A 3World Media Documentary Film

In the summer of 2003, the Canadian Armed Forces began the largest buildup of troops on foreign soil since the Korean War. In late 2005 they were moved further south under the American command of Operation Enduring Freedom. Sent in response to the escalating violence, more than two thousand Canadian soldiers now man outposts and patrol in one of the most hostile places of the world: Kandahar, a bleak expanse of hilled desert wasteland and ancient villages, and front-line against the Taliban insurgency.

Even though special humanitarian units comprised of political and engineering personnel assist with the rebuilding efforts, similar to past missions, this time things are markedly more deadly. Task Force Afghanistan operates with aggressive rules of engagement: locate the Taliban and neutralize them. Code-named ‘Archer’, this operation puts the Canadian infantry on the hunt for guerrilla fighters bent on destroying the fragile hope of the new democracy. Perhaps this explains why a survey conducted in March shows 2 out of 3 Canadians believe, incorrectly, that the main role of the Canadian troops in Afghanistan is peacekeeping…

"Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan" follows these men and woman of the Canadian Armed Forces sent to wage peace in Afghanistan. But, their mission is far from the peacekeeping role many Canadians are comfortable with. Whether on patrol, or in mid-meal, danger, fatigue and isolation stalk our soldiers as real as any roadside bomb, mortar attack or fire-fight. With either the threat of imminent attack or the cheers of school-children waiting within the village up ahead, this story tackles the question on everyone’s lips: what are we doing in Afghanistan?

Canadians need a close-up view of the day-in, day-out particulars of nation building and peace-making. From chairing village council meetings, to search and destroy or reconnaissance patrols, this view may shock, enrage or inspire you. The daily threat to life ‘over there’ will no longer matter only to soldiers, nor will hope for the future of a shattered nation concern only Afghanis. Success will mean peace and stability in a land that has seen near continuous war for over fifty years. Failure could mean anarchy and another failed state, with drastic consequences for the world’s security.

More here,

and YouTube clip here:

This is the site for the film itself, with its own blog:

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Re: New documentary: "Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan"
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2009, 10:39:05 »
Looks alright from the trailer... need to see the whole thing before final judgements can be made but usually the embeds get a fairly good perspective after actually being there, instead of running things as a newschair general.

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Re: New documentary: "Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan"
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2009, 10:26:31 »
Just watched my copy...

The video quality is rather low, but I could imagine the little camera's being towed around there have limitations.
It's filmed during the PPCLI tour back in 2006...
It's short. Really short. 52 minutes long.
It really tries to sell the good things we (as Canadian soldiers) are doing over there.

Worth the $25.00 shipped to your house?
I would say yes, seeing as it keeps another "little guy" videographer fed.

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