Author Topic: Highlights: Mullah Omar's Latest Statement  (Read 1681 times)

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Highlights: Mullah Omar's Latest Statement
« on: September 30, 2008, 09:51:39 »
Thought I'd share a few highlights of the latest statement (Tailban's English version) attributed to Mullah Omar.

First, the main part covered by MSM - the "offer":
....  We tell the intruders that being proud and arrogant you attacked our lands without any legitimate reasons, now sensing the intensity of the time, you must revise your views of your illegitimate attacks. And seek a way to withdraw your forces. If you show your intension of withdrawing your forces, we once again will show our principal by give you a safe way out, in order to show that we never harm any one ....  If you still stick to your illegitimate attacks on us, than, on one hand this region will face historic changes in future and on the other hand you will also face defeat and will be disgrace in the whole world just like USSR, and future generation will also not accept the validity of your attacks in the whole world ....

This part jumped out at me - "hey, guys, be careful to not lose hearts & minds while kilingl the infidels":
....  be very careful when you face the general people and your innocent country men. Don’t go for an attack which has a possibility of harming the general people. All your operations must be in the light of the sayings of Allah and the way of Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe wa Sallam). Always leave your personal and emotional feelings behinds.  Every act which is not in harmony with the teachings of Islam or is not according to the Islamic civilization or does not look good with Muslim Ummah and your enemy convert operations disguised under your identity, like blasts in Masjids and where there are a gathering of the general people, looting of the properties on the highways, cutting noses and ears in the name of differences which Islam forbids and consider permissible and non-permissible or burning of Islamic books must be strongly countered. And whoever is doing like this for whatever reasons must show his group and must not defame our Mujahideen. ....

Message to elders:  "don't be collaborating, and don't be encouraging people (esp. young people) to collaborate":
....   Islamic Scholars and great elders of the Momin, Mujahid Ummah should try to get the young men who are involved with these slaved institutions and slaved militias which are fighting the Mujahideen, and tell the people who are working with these unsuccessful institutions and salved militias is like standing against Islam and the nation.  They have named them as National Army, National Security and National Police to keep the people in dark. In reality they are the militias against Islam and have no national or Islamic basis.  I once again invite those elders who call themselves Mujahideen and are still standing with the American Institutions, to stop standing against the Mujahid Nation. They should not go the wrong way for the sake of Allah.  They should not defame the great words of Jihad and Mujahid for personal gains and positions. They should come and stand in the rows of Mujahideen and if can not participate in fighting, they at least should not strengthen the enemy  ....
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