Author Topic: Labatt Blue Launches Canada Day Program to Recognize Canadian Troops Overseas  (Read 5690 times)

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Labatt Blue Launches Canada Day Program to Recognize Canadian Troops Overseas
LONDON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 26, 2007)
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Editors Note: A photo for this release will be available on the CP picture wire via CCNMatthews.

As Canadians prepare for Canada Day, Labatt Blue is launching "Message in a Blue Bottle," a special Canada Day online initiative in John Labatt Brewery's 160th anniversary year.

Labatt Blue is encouraging Canadians to communicate their support and appreciation to approximately 2,500 members of the Canadian Forces (CF) currently deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Starting today, Canadians can log onto to send messages online to these CF members.

Mr. Jim Peverley, Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA), Director of Deployed Operations comments on Labatt's long-standing history of supporting deployed CF members. "Labatt continues to demonstrate their support for the Canadian Forces deployed operations through generous contributions to the morale and welfare programs. We recognized Labatt Breweries as a long standing and important donor to our deployed operations program."

The CFPSA provides personnel support programs and services to CF members and their families. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life of the military community and contribute to the operational readiness and effectiveness of the CF.

"On the occasion of Labatt Breweries 160th anniversary year and Canada Day, Labatt Blue recognizes and sends support to Canadian troops overseas. The Labatt Message in a Blue Bottle program is one way to let them know that we are thinking of them," says Miguel Patricio, President, Labatt Breweries of Canada.

In addition, Labatt Breweries, through the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA), has shipped Labatt Blue to Afghanistan in time for events planned for the first of July.

Labatt has been sending beer to troops abroad for years as a small gesture to show appreciation for the Canadian military's important patriotic contribution. John Labatt hand-delivered 50 Anniversary Ale beer to Canadian soldiers during the Korean War in 1950-51. Canadian soldiers of the 57th Field Squadron RCE showed their appreciation of the gifts by naming a bridge they built to cross a river near Tok Chong in west Central Korea, "The John Labatt 50 Anniversary Bridge."

In parallel to Labatt Blue's Canada Day program, and starting today in Ontario only, 28 bottle cases of Labatt Blue will feature a special price of $33.55 (plus deposit) in addition to the160th anniversary commemorative package design. The retro-style design was inspired by the beer's 1969 packaging, the year that Labatt Blue launched its iconic "Labatt Blue Balloon" one of Canada's most well-known advertising campaigns. Today, as Canadians prepare for Canada Day, it's a nostalgic tribute to the beer's Canadian heritage. The new Labatt Blue 28 bottle pack is available at The Beer Store and LCBO Combination and Agency Store locations in Ontario.

Award-winning Labatt Blue has been quality brewed in the heritage of John Labatt since 1847. The Pilsner style lager is a full flavoured, easy drinking beer that has stood the test of time. Labatt Blue is brewed with hand selected ingredients and hops to deliver a fully matured, full flavoured beer that Canadians have come to know and love. Labatt Blue is the best-selling Canadian beer in the world.

About Labatt Breweries of Canada

Since its founding in 1847, Labatt has become an internationally renowned brewer. A proud brewer of 70 quality beers, Labatt employs 3,200 Canadians and operates six breweries from coast to coast. Across the country, Labatt prides itself on maintaining a direct and personal involvement in local community events, charity fundraisers and sporting events. For more information please visit:
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And let's not forget the "RCR Beer" of 1983!

Cheers to Labatt!
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Good on them! Three cheers for Labatt!  :D
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Way to go Labatt. I think I will have to go buy some this weekend.

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do people still find the RV cans in wainwright?
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And let's not forget the "RCR Beer" of 1983!

Cheers to Labatt!

Labatt's Blue, official beer of RV 92.

If they really want to support the troops, let everyone with a DND ID buy a case for a $1 a bottle.
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Labatt's Blue, official beer of RV 92.

If they really want to support the troops, let everyone with a DND ID buy a case for a $1 a bottle.
Well, 18 blue is what, $20.95 for the summer already...

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Well, 18 blue is what, $20.95 for the summer already...

Must be nice.  We're paying $19.49 for a poverty pack, and $37.49 for a two-four in Nova Scotia...

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Winnipeg, May 25, 1984

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Well, went to the Beer Store last night and instead of my hometown Sleemans I purchased the 28 pack of Blue to show my appreciation for this program.

I know its only one case of beer but.....................

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I wish I had known this before I bought some Sleeman's.
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