Author Topic: Parachute system can save small planes (MSNBC)  (Read 2565 times)

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Parachute system can save small planes (MSNBC)
« on: December 15, 2006, 12:58:09 »
Well, it is equipment and vehicles, but civy planes, so feel free to move it...

There is also a video on that page of CNN, don't know how to directly link it...

Next generation could be standard equipment for regional jets
Updated: 8:47 a.m. ET Dec 24, 2004

WASHINGTON - Albert Kolk's small plane banked uncontrollably in
darkness over the Monashee mountains, then began spiraling.
 "Seat belts!" he barked to his teenage grandson and two young friends.
  Then he reached for a red lever in the cockpit.  Suddenly, an orange-
and-white parachute as big as a house opened above the plane and
 gently landed his stricken aircraft in a rocky clearing.

If the maker of the parachute that saved Kolk's life this past spring
 succeeds, one day commercial aircraft like regional commuter jets
may have similar safety systems.  First, though, there's the challenge
of creating a parachute robust enough to rescue bigger, faster planes.

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Re: Parachute system can save small planes (MSNBC)
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2006, 15:24:16 »
Now all they have to do is put a pod for troopers and a GPS system onto it.  Throw 3-4 pods into the back of a Herc and you have a low training Airborne Glider Regiment - or Starship Troopers.

As it stands now those GPS systems like the Screamer (might want a name change there)  can handle a tonne (or about the weight of a section) while this aircraft system handles up to 4000 pounds or just under 2 tonnes according to the MSNBC link.
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