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Enrollment Medical Standards
« on: December 20, 2005, 16:21:45 »
Enrollment Medical Exam

There have been numerous postings and threads asking about the medical. This short
guide should help you understand the medical portion of the recruiting process.

Everyone applying to join the Canadian Forces will have a medical exam completed.
The enrollment medical will consist of a few common parts.

- A health questionaire relating to your past medical history, and your family history
  followed by an interview with a senior medic.
- A Vision test
- A Colour vision test
- A hearing test
- A urine test (fill a sample jar)
- A general physical exam - blood pressure, height, weight, joints, bones, reflexes, symetry, skin, eyes, nose, throat, etc.
(document at the link above has changed and now contains minimal information - Dec 2008)

If the medical staff find a concern with any portion of the exam, more information will be requested.
This could be, but is not limited to:

- A letter from your doctor or other health care provider
- Bringing a form to a health care specialist, to be fill out
- Further examination or testing of specific findings

Once this is done, the collected information with be compared with the Medical Standards for the Canadian Forces.
This book is commonly referred to as CFP154. 

You can find the entire standard here:

Based on these standards, the applicant will be assigned a medical category.

As an example a Medical category might be expressed as 111225
That would be read as V1, CV1, H1, G2, O2, A5
or; Vision 1, Colour Vision 1, Hearing 1, Geographic 2, Occupational 2, Aircrew 5

The numbers stand for:

V - Visual Acuity
      V1 to V5    (V1 is good vision, V5 is poor vision)
      You must be V1 to V4 to be enrolled.
      For more information click here:,31590.0.html

CV - Colour Vision
     CV1, CV2 or CV3
     All can be enrolled, but may limit your choice of trades.
     For more information click here:,37585.0.html

H - Hearing (Auditory Acuity)
     H1 to H4  ( H1 is standard hearing or above, H4 is poor)
     You must be H1 or H2 to be enrolled.
     For more information click here:,55464.0.html

G - Geographical Factor
     G1 to G6
     You must be G2 to be enrolled.
     G1 - Assigned to the member who has successfully passed the stringent medical requirements for such unique duty as astronaut training;
     G2 - Normal - No geographic limitations
     G3 to G6 Assigned to the member who has various limitations to their Geographic employment.
     For more information on these categories click here:

O - Occupational Factor
     O1 to O6
     You must be O2 to be enrolled.   
     O1 - assigned to those rare members who have successfully completed medical screening for such unique duties as astronaut training.
     O2 - Normal - No Occupational restriction
     O3 to 06 - Assigned to the member who has occupational limits.
     For more information on these categories click here:

A - Air Factor
     A1 to A7
     A1 - Pilot:  fit to fly
     A2 - All other aircrew fit to fly
     A3 - Aircrew member with a limitation
     A4 - Aircrew member not currently on flying duty
     A5 - Non-aircrew: can fly as passenger
     A6 - Non-aircrew: cannot fly as passenger
     A7 - Aircrew member: cannot fly as aircrew
     Aircrew - Additional Information
     Aircrew applicants require Air Category A1 to A4
     There are currently no public websites that outline this testing, but for reference the aircrew medical
     standards can be found in CF Publication A-GA-005-000/AG-001 DND/CF Airworthiness Program
     Chapter 7 - Medical Standards For CF Aircrew

     A seperate document about aircrew vision can be found in the vision category thread:,31590.0.html

     All others trades must be able to fly as a passenger and meet A5.

Inside the CFP 154 is the Generic Task Statement. It was previously called the Common Enrollment Medical Standard (CEMS).  Everyone must meet the Generic Task Statement before they can join.
You can find it here:

Based on the above standards, the minimum Medical Category you need to be enrolled is 432225

If you do not meet the common standard, a letter saying such will be mailed to you.
If you do meet the common standard, your medical category is then compared to the minimum category for your selected occupations.
You can find a listing of the minimum medical categories for each military occupation here:

It is also compared with your selected MOC's task statement:
You can find the MOC task statements here:

If the Recruiting Medical Officer (RMO) determines that you meet all of these, then you have passed the medical portion.

If it is determined that you meet the Common Enrollment Medical Standard, but do not meet the standard for your selected
occupations, then you will be contacted to consider other military occupations.


If you have questions regarding the Enrollment Medical for recruiting,  we invite you to search the
Recruiting FAQ located at:,21101.0.html

or use the search function located at the top of the page.

If you can not find the specific information you are looking for, we invite you to post your questions.

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