Author Topic: US Congress may block further F16 jet sales to Pakistan  (Read 204 times)

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US Congress may block further F16 jet sales to Pakistan
« on: January 14, 2016, 23:23:25 »
The US shouldn't be selling more F16s to Pakistan, a "marginal" ally where they not only burn US and other western nations' flags every other day in a protest, but where they have closer ties to the radical Wahabbis in Saudi Arabia than with western nations.


Will US Congress Stonewall F-16 Sale to Pakistan?

According to Pakistani media, Indian lobbying efforts among U.S. lawmakers are delaying a planned sale of eight F-16s.

By Franz-Stefan Gady
January 14, 2016

The United States Congress is stalling efforts by the Government of Pakistan and the Obama White House to conclude the sale of eight F-16 jets to the Pakistan Air Force, the Pakistan-based Dawn newspaper reports.

According to the newspaper, “[t]he hold reflects the growing anti-Pakistan sentiments on Capitol Hill where it is now a routine to see strong attacks on Pakistan and its policies during congressional hearings.”

Dawn attributes the anti-Pakistan sentiment in Congress to the growing influence of a pro-India lobby, which the newspaper claims “has grown gradually in size and influence and is now the second most effective lobby after Israel’s.”

The Obama administration issued a formal notification of “Foreign Military Financing” in December 2015, which needs to be followed by a formal approval of a possible “Foreign Military Sale” to Pakistan by the U.S. State Department. However, even at that stage, U.S. Congress can still block the sale.

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