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Cadets/CIC FAQ and Related Websites - UPDATED
« on: October 15, 2004, 22:16:18 »
I think that this has been long overdue. The FAQ's will grow as time goes on, I'm just trying to cover the basics in order to get it off the ground. We can have FAQ's, Cadet Websites and Relevant CF Websites posted for all to see in here if that's where the interest lies.

Before getting into the FAQ I think that it's important to recognize the Conduct Guidelines. We all must follow these and now they're right here for everyone to give reference to at any time of need. Let's use some common sense, if you wouldn't let your Mom read it then don't post it! Those who violate the Conduct Guidelines will be subject to the Warning System

Also, if you know of a good website that relates to Cadets and think it should be posted here, PM it to me and we'll see about having them added.

Cadet/CIC Websites All sites are hyperlinked for convenience, just click on the subject.

Cadets Canada

Navy League

Army Cadet League

Air Cadet League

Cadet Instructors Cadre Staff Resources and Tools

Army Cadet Handbook Online

Green, Red and Silver Star Online

Sea Cadet Handbook Online

Air Cadet Handbook Online

Canadian Forces Manual of Drill and Ceremonial

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATO's)

Army Cadet Summer Training

Army Cadet History

Story of C/CWO A. Gulliford (Ret'd, now CI) Cadet Medal of Bravery Winner

Cadet Medal Requirements:




Air Cadet Service Medal

FAQ's Recruiting Section FAQ's

Accelerated Career Progression (in P Res or Reg F) for former Cadets

Army Cadet Service Medal

How to Polish New Boots

How to Polish Your Cap Badge

Leadership as a Senior NCO

Joining the Reserves and Cadets

The DEAD END Topics.

While most FAQ lists focus on helpful topics answering legitimate recurring questions, there has also been unfortunate recurrences of less desirable topics in the Cadet Forum. The following threads provide some of these discussions, and should be read thoroughly by any cadets thinking about opening threads on weapons training, combat training or that openly question the intent and purpose of the Cadet program by confusing its intents with those of Reserve or Regular Force training. Note that all of these threads were locked for very good reasons, as will similar threads.

Why Can't we Fire C-7's or Better?

This is Cadets not Boy Scouts

Combat Training in the Cadet Program

Should RCAC Allow Combat Training?

DND Making Cadets Less Military Every Year

Cadets Becoming Less and Less Interesting

Cadets Becoming Too Much Like Boy Scouts

Military Games for Cadets

Cadets Taking Things Too Far

Cadets on a Reg force exercise??

Once again, if you have a good site that you keep in your favourites, share it with the Cadet Moderator, Kyle Burrows, and he'll see about adding it when he has the time.

More to come.......
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